Alternate Demo Download?

Hey all, i was just wondering if someone had the demos stored somewhere, i been looking for an alternate download for the demos and stuff for quite a while now, and i got no luck, can anyone help me? thanks.

I am not aware of one, no. Google is probably your best bet at this point, as I don’t think any of us have a copy.

You don’t think any of us have a copy!

(Unlike most people, I keep back-ups and stuff! I’ve sent Daz his own work at least two times! I still have a fair chunk of the P2D graphics from wayyy back in the SCU days. I’m talking August, 2005, and 115ish files. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice. We may need those… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man thank you so much, you dont know how grateful i am. thanks so much.

:confused: Sorry if I seem like an idiot - I just started following P2D - but the link to the demo doesn’t work. Can someone let me know if there’s a fixed link out there?

The link is going on 3 years old… what do you expect?

There is no new link.

Someone might still have a copy though… I don’t.

Chances are DP still does…somewhere…

Here you go :wink:

I just watched the demo on Youtube. COMPLETE THE GAME GOD DAMN IT!


MM and DF came out of nowhere on that one. :O_O:

Apparently we have more lurkers than it seems. Start posting, lurkers.

yeah i didnt see that coming ._.

After what happened to Megaupload, I’ve downloaded that and put it on on my Dropbox just in case they ever kill Mediafire and so that the backup is spread around a bit more. >_>


Yes it should!

I am building a giant collection of every resource posted since 2004. Last I checked I had 1617 resource files documented, meaning who posted what, when, where, why, how.

One day I hope somebody puts all of these sounds and graphics and ideas back together. People put their hearts and souls into this stuff, and we had some wonderful moments. It was just so much more of an undertaking than we expected.

SCU going down kind of screwed us i think.

Hey, sorry to bother you guys, but…The Mediafire link is down. I made this account to tell you that we just might need yet another copy.

can you upload that again please the link is down

Hi Korak!
All our currently available demos are available on this web page.
The demo referenced in this topic is the Frigate Demo 3.1 from 2008.