Alt Text

Okay i found the new topic button, about the double post, but you know alt text is your friend a simple alt=“Topic” would be nice. Can you guys do that for people who are unfortunate enough to have imageshack blocked by the government <.< (Stupid Job Corps) I would be very grateful and more active if this happened.

Says “Start a new topic” for me.

o.0 <.< it must t be how it’s blocked then they use block page <.<

Alt text doesn’t have to show up when an image fails to load. It usually shows up only for mouseovers. I forget what it is, but I know HTML has a parameter for that. I’m sure CSS does too… I’ll talk to Dazzy about it.

Oh right, THAT alt-text.
yeah :frowning:

I see what you mean, but I’m not entirely sure how to fix that. I don’t know if there’s a parameter for it in the ACP. I’ll see what I can do though.

Edit: Oh, it just uses plain HTML for that field. I’m fixing it as we speak, refresh in a few minutes and see if it worked.

Edit x2: It is done.

I don’t think it worked <.<

Wynaut D:

I gave it alt text…

When I block the image, it doesn’t get text replacing it. Lemme see if I can find a tutorial of wtf I’m talking about.

Oh wait, it does it by default. >_>
I dunno then.

EDIT: Well for starters, it doesn’t show the alt text. It shows the title text of the link.

<a href='' title='Start a new topic'><img  src='' border='0' alt='Start New Topic'></a>

Yeah… we have alt text and title text. Do I need to eliminate the title to get the alt to work?

Try adding an image with alt text that isn’t a link just to test… I don’t think so, though. Because post reply doesn’t have title text, and the alt text isn’t showing up.

Then how the heck do I fix this? D:

The Alt Text is showing up for me…

But not for me. Maybe Firefox actually failed at one of the internet standards.

Because it shows up when I go to Properties.

And yes, alt text is supposed to always show up if the image there doesn’t load. That’s the whole reason for alternate text.

Try the “title” property. Apparently, that works in Firefox like alt text–and the Open Quick Reply button has the title property, and that shows up when I put my cursor over it, but the Add Reply button only has alt text, no title, and I don’t see anything when I put my cursor over it.

Alt is required for XHTML validity. Remember that, PY. =P

Your mum is required for xhtml vailidity.