Alright... something actually worth...

I saw the tallon crab in the resources section, so i followed the small format [in this case its a neutral rabbit]. It’s for panderian drifts and i plan on making neutral animals for all worlds. If anyone has any other ideas for neutral animals for magmoor caverns/phazon mines/chozo ruins plz tell me!

P.S. sry its so fast. i dont know how to make it any slower in UnFreez lol


Made Rabbit Slower And Added Lava Snake

Erm, I’m a bit confused… are you expecting the P2d people to use this?

I’ll list my thoughts numerically :

  1. I thought progress/team sign-ups were being done on the SCU forums.

  2. Were their rabbits in Metroid Prime? If not, why should they add them? And I do not think thats the right shading for it, anyways…

  3. Am I going to get flamed for this reply? Hopefully, no… =/

Hmm… i knew it was never going to make it… so i think i was just making something to get exp. With an idea of something to actually make and strive for i jumped at it. I guess i thought that if i didnt have a goal to practice then i wouldnt have made anything. I’m really sorry if it caused an inconvienience. Maybe i will use them for something else, i dunno.


Btw, i dont belive the tallon crab was in MP either…


I was also wondering about what u said about not the right colors… i think i need help on that, maybe a pallet of compatible colors?


Whoops just realized tallon crab is in space pirate wreakage. lol sry