AlphaEva's Sprite and Art thread

Ok here are some of my sprites;

If you cant see them here are the urls:…heetMetroid.png…etroidSheet.png…ionMetroids.png

Anybody? any criticism?

I am going to shake my little fists in your general direction, because sadly, I don’t have any really good proof for what I am going to accuse you of: sprite stealing.

Here are my reasons:

  1. The tiny metroid and metroid husk are from Metroid Fusion.
  2. I have seen the baby tallon metroid and the hunter metroid before, ages ago, but I’m not sure who made them.
  3. The egg is simply colored from Super Metroid, and people that take credit for recolors are very rarely good spriters themselves, which is why they take credit for recoloring.
  4. A good spriter (one that would fit with that metroid) would rarely, if ever, make a sheet that is 99% recolors, or additions of little lines. Those are warning signs for sprite stealers, usually.
  5. You lack forum etiquette, and since most good spriters are born on forums, that seems rather alarming.
  6. The other forum you frequent (The Hunter Council) has no trace of your sprites, leading me to believe you’re not especially proud of them, you’re hiding something, or something similar.
  7. The fissions are resized from the normal metroids. It seems strange that you would resize your sprites like that… unless they came from separate sheets. Which weren’t yours.


  1. You used them to demonstrate a before/after sorta deal.
  2. You were the one that made them.
  3. You were just recoloring, and you didn’t know that it’s stealing to recolor without saying how you recolored.
  4. You are not an ordinary spriter.
  5. You frequent forums that don’t focus on grammar/not double posting, or are a forumless spriter.
  6. You don’t visit that forum, and the name was a coincidence, or you haven’t posted there for some other reason.
  7. You resized for some other reason, like filesize.
    then I’m sorry for accusing you.

Right now, though, I very highly doubt that those sprites are yours, by the definition of “yours” that means they weren’t just run through simple photoshop color changes, but the base was also made by you.
If they’re not yours, then you’d better have a good excuse for claiming they are. Saying you didn’t know that recoloring without credit is stealing may get you out of some trouble…

ok the metroid itself i made, the shell husks im just using with it for another project, yes the egg is from super metroid, i did some coloring to it. The Baby tallon and hunter i made originally i swear on my life i made them. the tentacle to the hunter i found somewhere but i cant remember so whoever made that i give credit to them and if you see this please put ur name down, and idk why the fission sheet is smaller. it just is. and how do you know im at hc? and i just started back up on spriting and so i posted them here. and HC doesnt focus on sprites.

Heh. Methinks somones completely wrong :wink:

Firstly, there aren?t many ways to make a tiny metroid. Theres a reason small metroids look like the ones in fusion. The fusion ones aren?t really that different from Super Metroids either! (Gasp)

And, you?ll notice that the husks merely use the colors from Fusion, and aren?t actually from Fusion. They are shaped like the shells of the metroids on the sprite sheet. (Gasp, that makes sense!)

Im glad we’ve all seen them too. Proof is in the pudding, and in this case, I see no pudding. (Therefore, no proof)

Except for the necessity of the duplicated sprites. You see, if you damage a metroid enough, it changes color. So you need all of the sprites duplicated for the color change.

Ninja please.

He also frequents SR388, and (gasp) his work abounds there.

You’ll notice that the image resized itself to fit the screen, and the sprites aren?t actually resized…

Well, I think you should apologize, because from my perspective you’ve gone to great extremes to try and say that he steals sprites, with almost nothing but your assumption to back you up. It’s one thing if you post the sprite that he stole, but that isn’t the case is it?

I know his sprites are original because I’m the one who told him to do them. In fact, an earlier execution of the metroid sprite was more egg-like until I told him it looked weird.

So, in conclusion, these sprites are AlphaEva’s own, home-made original sprites.

Jolly good =3

Holy shit those are amazing, though >_>
I didn’t want to believe that a random person could be an amazing spriter :<

Sorry for accusing? =D?

EDIT: While I’m here, I might as well give criticism.

  1. The uh, thing that looks like a cocoon (tallon metroid cocoon from MP2, I think) doesn’t have very good shading, so it looks a bit cartoony.
  2. The hunter metroid does not look like a hunter metroid. It looks like you just forced your regular metroids to wear a corset for a year. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it just doesn’t look like a good hunter…
  3. If I recall correctly, that splitting animation for fissions is inaccurate, but don’t take my word for it.

lol its ok, yeah im not really sure what the hunter looks like exactly, so thats the best i could guess from memory, yeah the cacoon is from MP2E i do need to reshade it. and i have no idea what the splitting looks like exactly so again I guessed lol. and the red metroid are Tallon metroids from MP2E not damaged ones. But yeah its all good


I looked at the Metroid 2 Remix forum thingy, and you’ve made a bunch of flippin’ awesome sprites. Post those here, please =o

Sorry I cant, so no one steals the game sprite, i was told not to, so if i make a sprite and its not part of M2 i will post it

Isn’t there an equal risk that someone steals them from there?
Don’t mean to pressure you, since you’re not responsible for that rule anyway, but still…

all my new sprites are in the restricted forum now, so no one can get them

Could you post the non-restricted ones, at least? Pretty pretty please? :^_^:

haha ok heres A dark Metroid I just started

holy ***t that is some good stuff you’ve got! i especially like the dark metroid!

Ok i made a sheet for the dark metroid and redid the animation

Damn you. Now my old Dark Metroid looks like crap. ;_;

I think it ‘squeezes’ in a bit too far though.

you made one too? can I see? and yeah i was thinking it squeezed inward to far

I made some fusion suit sprites modified from SM

You’re a beast. You’re probably one of the best metroid spriters I’ve ever seen, and being on this forum and SCU, I’ve seen most of them. That Dark metroid is ghastly awsome, though I do think it squeezes in too far.

I feel outclassed.

dude dont feel outclassed, your sprites are awesome!