alpha, gamma, omega and zeta metroids

what’s the diffrents whith alpha, gamma, omega and zeta metroids? :confused:

Larvas are the original jellyfish-looking things. They evolve into Alphas, which are small flying bugs. These become lightning-spewing, much larger Gammas, which become overweight raptor-things, Zetas, which spit fireballs. These then become Omegas, which are massive beasts that can also spit fire. Finally there’s a Queen that spits out little razorblade things and lays eggs that hatch into Larvas.

Daz, are you sure about that, cause I could’ve sworn one time that I saw a pic of Samus scanning a metroid in metroid prime and the scan said that standard metroids are the alpha type. Then they become betas, then gammas, then zetas, then omegas, and finally the queen.

Look in the metroid section for info on metroids. I’m not sure if the info. is correct, but the pictures look very accurate.

The pictures are amazingly unaccurate, and the entire site uses fan-made innformation. Very little of it is even accurate to the little we DO know, and the rest is made-up bullshit. Very unreliable resource.

These, however, are accurate.…ff/Metroids.gif

Yes, I’m sure. Only one metroid in the game scans as an alpha, and there’s a dead actual alpha in the tank. I think they screwed up their scans.

Daz, your link is broken :laughing:

Alpha Metroid are the little ones with the three circles that fly around sucking pirates :smiley:

Hmph. IF doesn’t take long links very well. Pardon the massive image.

MetroidFanatic… no. Just no.

The evolution stage of the metroid :stuck_out_tongue:

What game has a queen metroid in it? I’ve never seen it. That boss in metroid fusoin is a Zeta then at the end is the omega but no queen in any metroid game i’ve seen :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Metroid 2. And Fusion has no zetas. At all. Not even referenced, except for a picture of one in the Forbidden Sector or whatever it’s called.

When I look at the image that Daz posted the metroid looks very different when it evolves in to a further one than the original metroid…

metroids are very strange creatures but fascinatting :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
From floating jellyfishes to dinosaur-look a likes :stuck_out_tongue: very strange :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

If Metroid Prime is a Metroid, then how come he isn’t on your chart, Daz? :confused:

wut about hunter metroids? it says in the game that they are even younger than the normal metroids!

Um, no. Hunters are the adolescent form of a metroid. Beta radiation causes them to mutate into alphas, gammas, etc, but on planets without said radiation, they simply become hunters as they age.

Prime is not on the chart because she is not a natural evolution.

And before anyone asks, beta radiation is only found on SR388 so far and the metroids in SM and ZM were too young, hence why hunters are only on Tallon IV and aphas are only on SR388.

Daz, you rock!!

(Big metroid knowledge) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

TDJ, you spam!
And Daz, the metroid sprites you supplied are colored in slightly too brightly IMHO…

i presume these are mostle from super metroid(i think)

how come the omega in that picture of yours doesnt look like the omega in fusion?

and ive never seen them spit fire

the only game that shows all of the metroid natural evoultion is metroid 2 (unless there is another game) that is where those sprites are from, just recoloured

what do you mean, recolored?