all of our work

if most of this websites members like metroid prime as much as i do we’ll allsay what should be fixed or updated so we can make the most accurate game we can make.

If I was a mod… :angry:

The more programmers and workers, the worse the project.

I don’t even understand the point of this topic… :sweat:

He was probably being sarcastic.

Here are the options :

A. He was being sarcastic.

B. He does not realiize how big and unorganized it would be that way.

C. He actually just wants to help himself but does not know this is not the place to ask.

D. Who cares, lets eat.

E. Neither of you know how to read.

He was obviously saying that we should all point out what seems wrong about things. This is called something along the lines of “quality assurance”, and some people have been appointed positions for it.