I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. My question is do you believe in them? Those little green men with giant black eyes.

I’m starting to believe now, though many don’t, there is still a possibility of a more intellegent life form out there in the universe… What do you think?

i dont know why people aways thing in aliens like superior beeings…i think aliens can be some animals even more dumb than our ones

they can be bacteria…I think BBC is usefull now and Sci-fi TV stuff

I think there is a very good chance there’s extraterrestrial life out there. There are billions and billions of stars in the galaxy. Half of those stars have planets around them. Still billions. I mean, come on! With that many planets, there’s got to be sentient life on ONE of them! (Aside from us)

umm, humans aren’t exactly INTELLIGENT.

The greatest proof that there is intelligent life out there, is that it is smart enough not to come near us. That’s a serious quote there. Got it from Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. But seriously, it makes sense. If I was from another planet, knowing what Earth and it’s population is like, I wouldn’t touch it with a 5 lightyear pole.

yhea, i can even hear they saying:

Alien 1: My… look those ones, they act like mantis, when we researched the planet 2 bilion of years ago it was full of life, and now just take a look at this!

Alien 2: Leave then alone with they madness, lets keep going with our search for inteligent life on the space

Oh come on. They’re probably no different. Living things aren’t perfect - they would most likely have gone through the same thing in their early years.

huh yhea, you right…see, here i com again thinking in then as the standar aliens superiors…dang… so it was problaby like this:

Alien 1: uga buga!!

Alien 2(hit alein 1 headwith a rock bat) UYGA!!

That’s almost exactly what I was going to say…

I do believe there is life out in the universe besides us. I just don’t think there are little green men with giant black eyes…

like u?

No, not like him. He’s intelligent enough to realize how stupid most humans are.

Frankly, most humans are pretentious idiots.


Little green men? Hell no. Aliens? Yes.
The chances of there being a planet anything could live on is like, one in a certain huge number. but that means in this galaxy, there could be like, five. And then we have other galaxies, which depending on what happened when they were formed, might have better or worse chances for life. But what I’m saying is, there are probably quite a few, meaning lots of a lot, of planets with life. That could be plants, animals, sentient beings, or assholes. Never know.

And of course, let us not forget the Spaceballs. (love that movie… haven’t seen it? then see it. It’s hilarious.)

I believe in aliens. I dont believe that they kidnap people
and have sex with them and all that crap. :sweat:

I didn’t like Spaceballs AT ALL, I don’t know why. I just think that it was an insult to Starwars. I also thought the jokes weren’t very good.

And about the alien thing, it doesn’t really matter if anything like that exists. The curiosity of the human body can drive someone to insanity :stuck_out_tongue: stares at MetroidSlayer

At least Bush doesn’t commit adultery on the job. What greater proof of disintegrety is

there than lying?

And no, I don’t personally believe in aliens.

It’s not really a matter of whether you believe in them or not. It’s a matter of whether you want to think they’re out there. People who don’t ‘believe’ in them just think the idea is scary and wish aliens never come to earth. They exist, alright. Do you really think that in an infinate universe, we’re the only living beings? An ecosystem must have non-living AND living organisms to classify as an ecosystem. Oh yeah, like earth is the only ecosystem in the universe.
We evolved to breath air and live on land. We started out as fish. Don’t you think other species could have evolved to adapt to their environment?
And finaly, If there’s one pink elephant, there’s got to be more. If there’s one species like humans, there’s got to be more.

Well, let me put to rest that it was an insult to starwars. The maker of the movie sat down with George Lucas and watched the movie. Lucas wasn’t insulted, got all the satire, laughed his way through it… wasn’t mad at any of the jokes…

no, spaceballs wasn’t an insult to starwars anymore then Planet Zebeth is an insult to Metroid.

Evolution, huh? Don’t even start on that load. You think carbon dating proves that

evolution is real, right? Science has recently concluded that carbon-14 dating is flawed.

Dead organisms cease giving off particles after 1,500 years. The only real clue of

evolution has been proven wrong, and no amount of paganism can bring it back.

How do you know that this universe is infinite? We have no idea how large it is, true,

but, also, we have no means to know that it is infinite. You can’t prove a negative.

And insinuating that I’m metaphorically “afraid of the dark” shows what you know about