adorable kitten composer

this is just so cute i had to show everybody.i just go nuts over kittens, i practically melt when i see things like this.

kitten composer


cats overture

wow! thats cute…

I saw a video like the second one a long time ago on Ebaums World. I laughed pretty hard. There was a scene where a cat was thrown up a the ceiling and he clung to it with his claws … looked like a monkey. Also a funny one where a cat jumps out of the bushes and latches onto a baby’s face … haha, I thought it was funny. I dont like babys … >_> <_<

that was showed on america’s funniest home videos!

Really? Ha, I didnt know that. I bet somebody had recorded it and uploaded it to Ebaums.

wow that is really cute i want a cat that does that! :slight_smile:


first one couldn’t get, but is was awesome

i own 3 cats myself, anyone else?

edit: also, sorry for kinda big bump, but i seriously have never seen this before, and it wasn’t too old.

That’s the best necropost ever. After over a month, you post something that doesn’t even make sense. First one couldn’t get but is was hilarious?

At least I can respond to the the second part…
No, I don’t, cause I am allergic, but I love them to death.

thought this topic was dead :confused:

no, sorry, lol, i meant i couldn’t get the first link (removed), however, the second link was hilarious.

i have met a lot of people alergic to cats, shame, they really are enjoyable.

i will post a picture of my cat for a sig or avatar or something sooner or later…

I gotta disagree with that sarcasm. I’d say that this definetly IS the best necropost ever, seeing as how in the last week, we’ve had 3 two year topics bumped. While he didnt make much of a statement, at least he was on topic, and he said he’s never seen the topic before.

At least I think it’s a decent bump.

jams to sean paul