Adobe Photoshop vs paint

Which one is better?

  • Photoshop
  • Paint
  • Other
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I never tried photoshop but i’ve seen it so i’m not going to vote yet.

i never voted because it depends on what you want to make out these programs.

Someone please lock this before it turns into another stupid flame war about how such an such sucks.

Inspector beat me to the punch. This topic will turn into a battle ground in a day or two. Heed my warning, and remember it when you’re 40 pages into the flames! lol

I’ll pm Dazzy to lock this topic.

Good, I hope he locks it. I’m not voting and what Czar Dragon said.

paint is better for spriting (what i usually use image editors for)

so, therefor, i chose paint…

and, dont want another MC vs Samus thread do we? heh 40 pages… still cant believe it

Paint is better for small sprites (fuzion style i say), but ive never used photoshop, though i hear its better for special effects.

BTW, please lock this.

each has its own properties, tie for me.

I don’t use Windows, so I say None of them.

Interesting, no flames whatsoever yet. <_<

But since the creator said to lock it, I guess I will anyway.