Active Assaults, The Beginning.

Now, most I think may see that I have a vixen or fox in my avatar and signature right?

Some must be thinking, “This guy is a weirdie…”

Well, in some cases, if that’s what you want to call it, hey, go for it. Anyhoo.

I have a series of games I am creating as well as P2D. P2D also inspired me to keep going as well and to never quit; seeing the progress it used to have. I have been keeping track of this site and the one that was taken down for years now, and I hate to see it slowly wash away as I see it, but somewhat I still have some hope. Anyway, back to my game.

I bet you are wondering if it is about foxes? Or something new, right? I mean, you can probably tell something is up by the pic in my signature. Yep. I’m a furry if some know what that is.

Though before I post up about the first game, “Active Assaults, The Beginning”, I want to fill you in on some small details that could be easily missed.

There is only two humans in this game; the rest are vixens, foxes, wolves, cats, or soon-to-be, lizards. Also: This game is sorta like Final Fantasy and Metroid stuck together with anthros; it has space ships, space stations, planets, and swords, along with magic, or some of it.

Well, that’s all I needed to point out, the storyline so far is below:


Formally known as the first Active Assaults game. It used to be called Active Assaults, Lockdown, but about a year ago I changed it.

This is the beginning of the whole MoonStar(e) Production game list.

This game is where Eloe, Raphial, Avala, and Josh are all introduced into the gaming industry. The story of this game is that Eloe was falsely created by a large weapon organization named the S.E.C. (Social Extermination Center). He turned out to betray everyone and the company and immediately started his own small army which would grow largely and wildly during the time of the game play and story line.

Eloe Monoke?, the most devilish fool to walk the Shezue Galaxy, and murder to the S.E.C. He was only to be a simple prototype experiment for the S.E.C. to create a powerful being of destruction for their defense, but after two months of training that went well in plan, he turned on them through depression, knowledge, and anger. He escaped after taking over half of their space station, Station X, before they called in back-up from the Republic. He escaped and found refugees to follow in his steps as his crew and soldiers.

Avala Haku, the sweet purple vixen, in love with Raphial, is the key to a ?Secret Power? that her lost civilization had kept for hundreds of years that was not recorded in the history books, nor was believed by most, but it existed among the outskirts of the Shezue Galaxy. Avala Haku, escaping her civilization?s doom, survived the destruction of her race. In doing so, she is set as the key to unlock the answers to this ?Secret Power? that Eloe started to look for to become invincible when he escaped the S.E.C. Sense she is the only answer to the mystery, Eloe and his minions constantly run after her and tries to do their best to capture here.

Raphial McDuffy, who is a friendly white Arctic fox/wolf, had witnessed Eloe?s first murder, first hand. When Raph was 8, his father, Clyde, was killed by Eloe and his small mob who took over Station V. Along with this, Raphial escaped slimly from the scene and had landed back on his home planet, Planet Karnak, in a small escape pod he had left in. Alone, and being his age, he nearly panic the whole week he was stuck in this pod. When he had landed, his family was seen dominated on the scene of Station V. Eloe had taken over Station V and had killed off everyone to show his power with a simple, small mob. Raphial, who had seen this himself, swore to take down Eloe with his life for slaughtering his father in a sword fight.

Josh Monoke?, who is husband to Jenna Marshall, was found to be Raphial?s best partner and rival in sword melee and hand to hand combat, thus, at the age of their teen years, they had become best of friends real quickly. Raphial and Josh, who was with Jenna, met when Raphial moved to the Astraw Village on his own and had registered in the public high school. Sense then, both Josh and Jenna had been good friends with Raph, almost like a family that had been taken away from him at the age of 8. Josh?s family, though, was mysteriously murdered years before Eloe and when Josh was 4 years of age. Thus, he was taken in by a rich foster family who where popular in the Astraw Village.

Trey Munro and Matthew Sparrow, the last two survivors of the long, lost Munro Clan. They are rarely known to be seen, or even be heard of, around the Shezue Galaxy. Trey is supposedly the leader, and Matthew is his apprentice, thus, they both fight side by side as assassins and partners. They are first seen in the game at the old Astraw church that hadn?t been touched in ages. Raphial enters the church in search of a lost memory, but only finds himself to be trapped in a large, underground waterway basement and challenged by both of these foes, under the command of Eloe.

The other characters, all foxes, felines, wolves, or other furry-type animals who all have characteristics of a human, all live in the Shezue Galaxy peacefully until Eloe had started the Silent War under hidden politics and war. Can Raphial stop him? Can he actually save the whole galaxy form utterly ruin and destruction? Can his crew become known and be good enough to face this challenge? It?s time to find out for ourselves?

Game Verification and Information

Rated T for Teen. Rated because of mild violence.

System is the Windows DOS computer system. Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, and Vista.

Copyrighting to this game is all reserved by MoonStar(e) Productions.

Created and directed by Raphial M. H.

How can it be rated if it’s not even created? (lol rhyme)

It’s not created yet. It’s in the making. I just think that in the end when it is finished that it will most likely be rated Teen.

I think this is the wrong section. Isnt this a fangame? waves sorry for minimodding flag

Yeah, I didnt read it, have you created the engine?

This isn’t a fan game. :confused:

It’s a game with a story that I developed sense like…2001. Gah this story is old! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes. There is a game so far:

Click here for the beta demo.

[sup]It’s fairly big, and a bit slow when loading, but it’s pretty decent in my opinion. Made it from scratch. The reason it is slow is because I do not have my midi music yet nor do I have any of this transfered into GML coding. (I have yet to learn GML)[/sup]

Ah, I see. So will it actually be being marketed, or just for fun? Any plans?

Marketed. Like any other games you see on the shelves. For now, it’s just for fun, but in the future I’m going to try to market it when it starts to develop more.

Believe it or not, but a lot of people from my high school couldn’t believe I made these games until I showed all of them in the Auditorium for FBLA as a “Thanks for your support” thing; ya’ know? Times after that, I have had multiple people actually pay me a couple of bucks just to see a small demo. It’s actually pretty fun heh

If you want to learn more, go to if you are still interested. It’ll give details.

Almost all of the project-related activity is taking place in a hidden team member board called the Workplace. :wink:

Yes, but everybody in high school thinks it’s impossible to make a videogame on a computer and that all professional ones are made with magic. FBLA is cool, though.

However, I do believe this is classified as a “fangame” here. Our fangame board is for user-made games, not necessarily games based on “real” games. Maybe that should be clarified in the description. You even have an old topic for this in that board.

And once again, that’s our elevator you’re using in your demo. Unless you had permission from the person who made it, take it out. That was pointed out in the original topic but never resolved.

Before yall put all of it in a hidden spot on the very old website. It was sprites and ideas, and a couple of other things that were taken down months later.

Please respond to this quote. If you didn’t get permission from the creator of the elevator sprite, using our sprites is a pretty serious offense here.

Well I’m sorry. I just wanted to use it for now until I would get one developed. It won’t be placed there permanently.

Looks good. Sounds good. I’ll take an interest in it, so don’t be surprised if I show up on your forum. Good luck with your game, and I hope to see it on the market!

The newest demo, version 3.0, is now available.