Active Assaults Gaming

Thought I would a simple topic about my new, actual game called Active Assaults. It is a simple side scroller furry/anthro game that has moslty to do with anthros as you guessed it, probably.

Anyways, the game is about a tyrant, a grey wolf anthro, that has taken over the Shezue Galaxy and not to mention, everything in his path. And the role of the series of Active Assaults games is to stop him and his follow crew members.

So far, I got a small demo, not much, but its all I got so far. I have been a good fan of Metroid Prime sense it came out, and have been keeping track of Prime 2D sense I can remember. And, I had my own idea of a game about the time I did discover P2D, and P2D inpired me not to give up on it, so I have been working on it, basically, almost alone. I have had some help from an unknown programmer that I made friends with on the GameMAker forums. But he hardly ever comes on the net, so I never really get the chance to ask for help, so meh.

But anyway, I guess I ranted enough about it lol

If you want to see it, or want more info, go to MoonStar(e) Productions website. Or go to our forums here.

Needs moved to the fangames forum.

Ya know. On the General Disussion description, it says I can post fan games or other games.

You misread it. moves

Also, you do realize that the elevator used in the game is from P2D, right?

I see your using the P2D elevator and did not give credit,
that’s not too good… >_>

Yes, yes I did, I will admit. But I only used it in this one to see if it would have worked right. I never said I would use it in the final one did I? And I can see some poeple actually went to it. Thanks.

And I would appreciate it if you would think before posting. I did not misread for one, and two, like I mentioned above, I did not says or write that I was going to use it, and besides, its one sprite, so lets all go bizzark over one sprite ok? Jeez.

I forgot to post up the credit, yeah, but after i finished it, i did not feel like goign back and putting it in. So, oh well.

Last time I used P2D resources (1 song, which was on accident),
I was warned for it, and I probably would have been banned if
I didnt admit I used it. normally you wouldnt think it’s a big deal,
but put it this way. What if you spend a few hours on a sprite,
to see it being used in someone elses game and not recieve credit?

Hmm, as long as you give credit you should be fine though.

Credit is not enough. Have you permission?

Yes… yes you did misread it.

Hoho… BUUUUUURN… Pats Cloud on the back anyway…

[The following is not directed at Cloud Varis]

It’s great to see the dawn of a new game, but seriously, not to attack or fuss, 'cause I’m not, but yeah, you gotta do things more slowly and surely. Keep in mind that leaving things out can result in stuff like what’s above me and worse, even the fall of your game’s production. Don’t start that habbit because you’ll end up messing things up badly.

Tonights my download night so I’m… downloading it… let’s just hope and pray my modem holds up. It tends to cough…

… your download night…? Sunday? But how did you get the elevator sprite to begin with?