okay i dont know why everyone is suddenly pissed at me. heres what happened:
i was posting this thread about sprites on several different forums. i DID NOT REALIZE that i had already posted it here, and therefor had no idea i was warned about it. i never said I MADE them. on every other forum no one had a problem with me posting sprites i RIPPED. i didnt know everyone would hate me for it here… once again i didnt think or say i made them. they arent actually mine. ad i wasnt avoiding the post, i had no idea it was there. :frowning:

this is exactly what happened. and since i didnt realize i had already posted it here, i had no idea everyone was repremanding me for it. i am really very sorry, i would never claim these as my own or anything. as you have all said, i am a moron and this seriously was a huge accident. i hope you dont bann me for it, i really didnt mean to do anything. please forgive me.

EDIT: and the reason i was gone was because i had finals this week. i really wanst avoiding it, i wasnt on at all.

i don’t understand why everyone blow up about this issue, I understood what you meant by posting them and I dont think you should get in trouble.

thanks. i really hope i dont get in trouble, i like this forum.

No clue whats going on but good luck here SH. I’ll split before Daz gets here.

I dont see why everyone thinks Daz is the Gestapo/Raith, he is just and fair.

then maybe he will understand. mr timaster seems to have it out for me… for no reason.

Well I guess I didn’t give him a fair trial…OK I believe you. For now…

Okay, as long as it’s explained…

Truth is, I warned you to get a reply from you. It was seriously creeping me and Daz out…

You still deserve a warning, though. As much as I can identify with your predicament, double posting IS against the rules. It’ll be lowered, however.

Sorry for all the trouble :slight_smile: