About Oot2d project...

Hi there ! I’m french so I will certainly make some spelling mistakes ^^" sorry about that.
I have a question, on the site I saw a link to the site of a project called Ocarina of time 2d of something like that so I clik on the link and I noticed that it was a “dead link” (I’m not sure about this expression to translate “lien mort”) Well, does that mean this project has failed and is definitly over ?? If it always exists, could anybody give me the correct link ?

I’m waiting for your replies and I wish you all the best for Metroid project

A “Dead Link” simply means that the link is no longer operational. It can either mean that the project is no longer running, or that they have moved and forgotten to leave a page saying where their new site is. Or, of course, that you typoed the original link. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.I’m taking French right now. I’d wager money that you’re better at English that I am at French. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there was a thread like this a while back…

Yeah, my thread. :slight_smile: It’s seems to have been deleted though. :frowning:

I don’t like it when things get purged. But otherwise, the forum’s database would overload and that would be >.<.

Yeah, guess so… :frowning:

I’m pretty sure OOT 2D’s been shut down. Either by Nintendo (for some reason) or by the makers.

If not, praise the heavens and find the actual page…

Search it up in Google.

It is not.From a site I found out it would be back up when the project is done.I’ll try to get in contact with the OO2D staff.Nintendo dont care as long as theres some variation from the games and is not for any profit.(Accidentally typed metroid,how did that get there anyway?)

Huh? Use punctuation please.

he’s currently busy working on the shadow temple


“It’s not. I found a site that said it will be back online when it’s complette, maybe I can get in contact with the staff. Nintendo doesn’t care as long as it’s not a direct copy and it’s not for profit.”

I don’t think being a variation is important, just the non-profit bit, but whatever.

Good news!!! OOT2D is NOT CANCELLED NOR DEAD!!! :smiley: I just got in touch with the creator and he says he’s done with 85% of the game.(up to the shadow temple)However he has not posted any demos in some time. He has a new website although I am not sure what the URL is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. He’s that done already? Cool. Although it seems funny that he hasn’t posted any demos…

Demos take up production time.

:O_O: omg. i will so get oot2d when i come out :>_>:

jeezus…i just googled Oot2D and found out HUNDREDS of people hate the idea. And, if you didn’t know, there’s actually a petition for nintendo to shut the project down. THAT sucks.