About mp1

mp1 have a secret ending like mp2 when you collect 100% of items?

im sure it does… metroid games are notorious for that kind of stuff…

You haven’t seen it yet? :smiling_imp:

Be in for a neat surprise–I think you’ll recognize it right away.

I got that. It opens up the way to MP2 like the MP2 100% ending opened up for MP3.

you can tell me, i dont have a problem in getting a surprise ruined

tell plz


Samus flys away and the screen switches to Tallon IV and a Dark Hand reaches out of a Phazon Puddle…



do you have a screenshot?

I think theres a vid on You Tube.

Lets just say you see something cool at the end with 100%.

Indeed there is. There are three of them, actually. The sound isn’t in sync with the video in all of them, though, so you should just watch the one from SCU.

Edit: This is from the PAL version, so there’s the narrator and better graphics while Samus flies off off the planet.

Edit2: You should be able to take a good guess at whose arm that is at the end <_<

If you own MP2…Hint hint

…anyone else think that mp2 wasn’t as good? it wasn’t as atmospheric… it just kinda became a game…

I actually liked MP2 better. I liked how it was more shooting than platforming. MP was just a lot of platforming and puzzle solving. Meh…
BTW I was dissapointed in the endings. You didn’t work to see Samus helmet-less! All you worked for is some crappy ending that you were going to find out after the next game. WTF? Where is the need to play to see something exclusive?

I fully agree, albiet it had its good sides … Dark Samus rocks, Light Suit looks cool, yay for screw attack… other than that Aether was a hole and Dark Aether was more frustrating than challenging.

About the only interesting place was Sanctuary Fortress and it was artificial. They certainly did away with “interesting” exploration in MP2.

Back in MP1, Tallon Overworld was lush green, Phendrana was breath taking, The Sunken Frigate was mysterious, Magmoor Caverns was hot and intense.

In MP2 … everythings dead, everything was Dirt, Mud and Steel.

yeah, true

You know, even Metroid Fusion had more variety and the whole thing took place on a space station.


Ugh yes…

Lets see, there was TRO for the tropical life, AQA for the underwater sea life, NOC for the dark and claustrophobic, ARC for the cold ice-world, PYR for the hot … etc.

In MP2 you had the overworld/temple which was dirt, you had Agon wastes… more dirt… Torvus Bog … “wet” dirt, and Sanctuary fortress which as the only saving grace of the game was an un-natural wonder of technology.

I couldnt find much appreciation for the dark world, as a reflection of its light counter part it was “dark dirt” as far as I could tell.

Aether is a hole.

Although comparing Fusion to MP2 would be unfair since in my eyes 2D > 3D, I think being “unable” to explore an area of variety and interest is better than being able to explore a dead rock.

totaly no

mp2 rocks 3 times more than mp1

nobody will ask why “3 times” ?