aaaaaand im working!!!

Im working in not one, but TWO JOBS!! at macdonalds and EraCine !is there any man happier than me? hard to say!! in the next mounth i’ll be reciving nothing less than 1200 reais!! i dunno how much this worth in your coin but in my is engouch to buy a gamecube and 9 games ever single mounth!! or a kick ass computa in two!!

or i can save to buy the revolux… man i got so much things to do and so much money to earn!! HAAAAHh!! knuckle get a light auria and start flying

what about you guys? what do you do or plan to do for living?

Good for you, Knuckle! I think you should spend half your money on games, and the other half save for the Rev.

I hope to (eventually) go into the field of computers, hopefully get a Computer Science degree.

Wow. You must be a pretty happy guy… Next year, I’m getting a job at A&W and subway. I already planned out my hours and they’re flawless.
When I get to university, I’m gonna take some sort of music class, maybe some graphics design, finaly I’ll be away from having to do math, I’ll do some cooking stuff, everything I love.

Not to buck the trend of spending as soon as you earn, but I would suggest laying up a

little (maybe 15-25%) of your money for the future. Sure, you can sustain yourself

now, but how about when you’re fifty? If you set aside $100 every month (sorry, I’m

not familiar with your currency) until you retire (average is mid 40s to early 50s,) you’ll

have built up one million dollars, a substantial sum. Either way, it is good that you are


Meh, whatever. I’m not your financial adviser.

My Dad has been retired for 8 years and has been unemployed for 5 months my Mom has been unemployed for 8 months and my brother never worked, now they are all getting jobs! I’m happy!

i dont know if i have the willpower to save some!! but…what could possibly happen in the future?.. nothing i think

Save up so you always have enough for something you may see in the window.

Metaphorically, Coolman is right. What is in the window is the cost of living once you

can no longer work. Literally, he’s also right.

c’mon i am lightspeed miles away from that, it may take several years so i can have a house and cross the street by my self (?)

now is time to waste