I am loosing my mnd. I had a wii and then my brother broke it (I still don’t know how he managed it) but it gets even better. My friend’s retard parents bought him TLOZ twilight priness for wii but he did not and still does not have a wii. Don’t think i stops there my other friend got Twilight Princess for his GCN and the trouble is, in order to play twilight princess I need to bypass 3 obstacles: no.1; he can never do anything with friends for this reason and that, no.2; once he can hang the trouble becomes getting inside his house,no.3; once inside the likelyhood of the moronic sister peeling herself away from the TV is slim to none. Now having played Twilight Princess playing any inferior game ,eg: an older Zelda, begins to weare away at ones mind untill one starts not thinking about anything other than strangling all that stands between me and playing Twilight Princess, eg: those fucker people that answer the phone at Blockbuster uselessly telling me that they don’t cary it,that their all out and they don’t know when it’s due because of “no late fees” ,or that the spesific clerk hasn’t ever heard of the goddamned game prior to this spesific moment.

and you want us to feel sympathetic for you?

in that case…

pats on back it’ll be all better in the morn’. =P

even though it wont >.>

Sorry to hear it. If someone broke my Wii, I’d go phycho, and kill the kids that live next door. Hope it gets better.

if sum1 broke my wii, i’d beat them to death with the remote.

I’d beat them to death them with a plastic spoon, a wire hanger or my penis.

Which ever one would be the most satisfying.

I’d go with the plastic spoon. That’ll show 'em.

Anyway, just use the warranty. It isn’t as bad as you’re melodramatically making it out to be.

Err, 072 you know that you can only use the warranty if it breaks by itself (i.e. bad manufacturer) right? So he can’t use the warranty. But my Wii is fine and dandy in my basement. I have the Serial code so I can give it to the cops if someone steals it. But if the cops don’t find it, my school is gonna have a shooting.

How badly is it destroyed? You should be able to get it fixed for a small price.

sorry to hear about this. im not sure what i think about the other half of your rant but im really sorry for you and your wii problems. if warranty doesnt cover it, call nintendo customer service, you can probably send it in for repair… at some cost though.

just do what i did with my gba 4 years ago. it broke, so i sold it on ebay. somebody bought it for 96 dollars, and i got a new one.

You can get sued for that kind of stuff. Unless you stated that it was broken and somebody bought it anyway because they were rich. And stupid.

Ah, the old, “Sell a useless piece of crap on eBay” trick. I saw someone sell a broken DS Lite, and he made very clear that the DS’s lower screen was cracked and would not work, and it was not covered in the warranty, and it would cost 75 dollars to fix. The starting bid was one cent. Someone bought it for over 70 dollars. As for the broken Wii…very bad. We can have no Wii if the Wii we have no longer operable. At least you had one…temporarily. I do like how people get all homicidal over their systems…it gives me a warm tingly feeling.

(P.S. The cat near me was walking on the stove. Not a bright cat.)

thanks for the info/help peopls
ok pls lock

yeah, I’m going to say go to some repair place and ask them if they can fix it. If not, I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to get a new one. Unless you can sell it on ebay. =)

Now, whats with all those PS things, nostril kitty? Just wondering, lol.