a yoshi game

wouldnt a yoshi game be good if only yoshi was in it? on the wii, u could use the controller to eat stuff, and he is the cutest nintendo charachter, sod nintendogs…

a game like that would be awsome, nintendo havent made enough yoshi games.

your right the should make a game like that.Yoshi has to save Mario,Princess Peach,and Luigi from Bowser.

yeah, hes my fave non human charachter, and all who inflict pain on him must die.
hes easily the most loveable charachter EVER, including all charachters, not just in games, he rules all. he is the best. but seriously, nintendo havent been giving him credit hav they? dony get me rong, i love mario, but mario baseball was terrible, id rather have a yoshi game than that.

isnt he just the best non fictional animal ever… even cuter than metroids

Mario bonks him in the head every time he uses the tounge attack in Super Mario World.

mario dosent hurt him. he just taps his head, that wouldnt hurt a dinosaur.

Am I the only one that dislikes Yoshi? He’s annoying, and a Yoshi CPU will ALWAYS be cheap on me, no matter what game it is.

dis…dislike? you sir disgust me

What would you guys say a metroid is better or yoshi.I’m not sure for me.

…i like them the same, however, i would take an odd satisfaction from seeing yoshi inside of a metroid, swimming to get out…sorry…its kinda one of those wierd things…

joegerbil - i am confused yet aroused, all at the same time!

Maybe someone can make a fangame :laughing:

one of these 4 things would happen:

yoshi easts the metroid

they egnore each other

the metroid sucks yoshis energy

they make friends

Ever heard of Super Mario World 2? How about Yoshi’s Story? They’ve made enough Yoshi games that have lasted for more than a century, and you’re saying that they’ve not made enough?

And, no, a game where you play as Yoshi and rescue Mario and Peach would be bullshit. Nintendo would most likely pull another one of those ssdd’s trying to immitate Super Mario World, just like that Peach game… >.>

no, there are NOT enough yoshi games.

how about a game where you play as metroid fanatic and you have to complain to random pepole aboute cartoon dinosaurs. the cartridges quickly get thrown out coz the game is crap.

I dunno, that MF Dino-Complaining game might be fun if done right. <_<

How about a game where you try not to insult people for having a different opinion? I think you could play that one a little more. Trust me, it gets better after the beginning.

I agree with MF, anyway. We don’t need another Yoshi game.

Well, a 3-D one, though… Maybe if it had something done to it like Super Mario Sunshine or Luigi’s Mansion so Yoshi can do more than jump and … lick, it could be okay. Other characters probably have more potential, though. Or a new character, maybe? :wink:

…you guys have started having some really boring game ideas…

Yeah, a new character might be profitable for Nintendo. I mean, Shiggy did pull Mario out of his ass a good 30 years ago… xD

And, uhh, don’t forget, Yoshi’s Story had much more than just jumping and licking. Not to mention Super Mario World 2, also. The only reason Yoshi was excluded from doing sick moves in SMW 1, was because Yoshi wasn’t quite introduced to the Mushroom Kingdom, so to speak.

I wanna play that game. Is there a rom or something?

Just kidding… of course.

No need to prolong that argument with Kingmetroid. He knows he was being an asshole prick.

everyone, just please stop…nobody was an asshole prick, lets all just calm down and get back to topic. :smiley: