A warning to all

This game dislike action replay code that improve your pokemon stat, its ok to use all gene or IVS max out but if you use the Item Code or bypass 512 it will count the pokemon as a bad egg. So now I’m waiting for tommorow to transfer my Lugia over from fire red, so I can you him.

The game has good graphic more better than XD or Colosseum and the attack are more improve. If you like playing any pokemon game or if you have Diamond or Pearl you can get this game and battle and unlock new things.

i have pearl and i want that game.the only problem is…I DONT HAVE A WII!

sounds good. my brother got Colosseum, and i really liked it, because it brought pokemon into the 3d world. too bad i dont have a wii either D=

At least you got that far. All I have is Stadium >_>;


Love the announcer in that though. So overreactive. XD

heck i never got a 3d console pokemon game

This game has an announcer as well, and he reminds me of the old one they had in Stadium, plus I think I still have Stadium.

I have stadium and a wii, but im trying not to get sucked back in pokemon.

Wow, you are a complete loser, for you do not capatilize any titles that need to be titled, such as “wii”, you idiot! I would love to stay and mock you, but I am afraid I must leave you to wallow in your self-pity!