A toast to Destroyer F!

I’d like to take this oppurtunity to bring everyone’s attention to how hard Destroyer F has been working on this project. He has a very busy life. Back when he was less busy, he offered to make the website for the project. And it’s the same website that stands today. But then his life got very busy, and he had to step down from webmaster. He essentially removed himself from the project, and for good reason. Butbe cause of certain events, which I’ll admit I had a fair share in allowing to happen, he was dragged back into re-webmastering the site. Since then, he’s been carrying the project for over a year at least. There’s probably much more that he’s done that I don’t know about, and so for those reasons and many more, I’d like to make a toast to Destroyer F, for being the carrier of P2D for the past year or so…

Raises imaginary wine glass


Agreed. Cheers!
drinks imaginary wine

PS holyshityou’realive


I dont like wine how about Coke?

drinks imaginary Coke

Drinks a REAL Mountain Dew

yes, cheers to df…and anyone else on the p2d team

drinks non-imaginary human blood


Cheers! Drinks REAL Poison

…wait… Oh sh–Dies

Really watches Naruto
…yeah what? Oh yeah
Drinks coke because he hates wine and because he is underaged
Well yeah, he was here when I joined, and he has been making nice progress, better progress than most other fan games. The website is more decent than most, so yeah, three thumbs up. Except I don’t have three thumbs :frowning:


Drink REAL liquid Hair

WHAT? what did i drink??

Yay for DF!!!

“Keep your 40”

Drinks Earl Grey Tea

CONGRATS! again…

Drinks Garbage juice



Drinks liquid naruto.

damnit another filler…

Really? A year? Goddamn, DF, you do deserve it:

Rock on!

This has to stop.

It was funny until After Dadude.


Anyway, Hurray DF!!!


drinks… some unidentified liquid of some sort

I am?

But seriously, school’s has been h e double hockey sticks…

Are you saying my comment was bad or good? I’m slightly confused, lol. @_@

If it’s bad, well, I usually do bad jokes, so I’m not bothered, lol.
If it’s good… are you OK? LOL, joke.

…isn’t this topic about a drink towards DF though? It gives us the excuse to drink something…

No. Your comment was funny. It got annoying after that.

Uh, yeah. This is going nowhere fast.

…And why am I never subject to a toast? <_<

Thx all, I appreciate the support :wink:

points and laughs at 072 (j/k)