A spy among us?

After reading the interview questions from Nintendojo on the SCU page particularly the one about Nintendo contacting the team, I started wondering: What if someone who works at Nintendo is already a part of this forum. They could just visit the site every other day or two to make sure that nothing illegal was going on. I highly doubt this is happening, but I just thought that I’d spread some of my paranoia around.


Oh, sorry, what I mean to say was:

Might be true, might not be. We do seem to have a lot of guests browsing through topics at this place. But there’s nothing to be worried about if we’re not doing anything illegal, and Nintendo would probably care more about listening to fan ideas about upcoming games than visiting some little fangame every few minutes to make sure it doesn’t get any bit illegal.

I highly doubt it. They wouldn’t have to sign in as a member to browse the forums. I don’t think they would go to the trouble.

Some hardcore Metroid fan might just happen to work for Nintendo.

Wait…I didnt get a job yet…

Yeah, if a Nintendo employee checked this site, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t actually subscribe. And if they did, their questions would be obvious… unless of course they’ve gone completely overboard and have people who sound like 8 year olds asking questions… The likelihood of that is slim, though.

This is strange, they may allready be on here as a member. There only about a 50% change that their a member.

No, actually, i think that’s highly probably. After all, with the Wii virtual console coming out, they might be getting recruits to make sprites/program games. Nintendo said that they would be making new oldschool sidescrollers/platformers for download, and i wouldnt be suprised if here was a good place to look. Even if that werent the reason, people at nintendo definetly have checked out P2D.

…i think nintendo is laughing at us from zebes…

i think that this is crazy. nintendo couldnt give a rats ass. i swear. it just doesnt happen like that. they have other things to worry about. its about .000001 chance that they have even heard of this site. not to be a pessimist but you have to put things in perspective… particularly the perspective of a world wide multibillion dollar company.

agreed… >_>

Except that (as far as I know) there are only two Nintendo game remakes that are this big. It’s far more likely than not that someone at Nintendo knows about it.

WHAT?! … Do you have a link to such a quote?

P2D is on alot of other forums so maybe Nintendo knows about this and all of the work the team had done.

I have found some sites

N-Philes Forums

Thats all I have found it seem for now.

I’ve seen Destroyer F say a number of times that the team has the “blessings” of officials from Nintendo to make it (as long as its free).

A link, sure, kinda.

My linky??

Anyhow, even if we had no spies, somebody at nintendo knows about this. And what are the chances they havent informed other people, who have informed other people and so on. But where did destroyer say anything about getting permission.

Ermm … I might have misread (although I swear I remember him saying it somewhere)… but what he DID say, and here is the link to the forum where he said it: http://forums.gamemaker.nl/index.php?showtopic=217600&hl=

From that its understandable that I got the impression that it was “given the ok”, but I guess officially/legally thats not the case. Perhaps if there is any trouble we can argue that they full well knew about it from the start.

p.s. your link to IGN wasnt specific enough :confused:

Better link. It’s called the virtual console. They aren’t going to be free, but not very expensive either, and with a faster framerate.

And Nintendo knows about the project, so I doubt they would ever suddenly turn on us unless we actually did something too illegal.

O_O! … I wonder how hard it is to make games for them? As in would it mean programming for the Wii platform or does the Wii somehow possess the ability to emulate other platforms (Windows/DirectX?).

I find this whole “they’re recruiting for games” thing amusing. Half the people here aren’t even of legal working age, among other problems, lol.