A shitty phone game im making

you are slime
you must climb

stupid simple game i’ve been working on occasionally
maybe eventually i’ll like it enough to release it
but right now the character customization needs more work

i also need to get some actual textures, these are all just placeholder stuff i found on the interwebs

also i mentioned the customization, so heres what i have so far
its simple, its crap
im working on it

Looks like a fun project! What sort of things do you have in mind for character customization?

Also what’s the screen with two slimes — is that a multiplayer mode? :open_mouth:

im going to have body shapes, eyes, and mouths alongside the color

and the other slime is an enemy
i’ve made attempts at multiplayer but i keep having trouble syncing everything’s movement properly so that probably wont make it in

the original concept plus the new customization

finally back to working on this

decided to nuke the character customization, but im leaving in body shapes
update to unity broke my heat distortion which also made me re-evaluate my lava
it is now acid
meaning i also need to change my title screen background
gone through a lot of improvements to everything, don’t have much left to do (unless i think of more things to add or find a new problem)
most of what i have left is sound related. missing SFX, ability to mute, etc

i do want to add more body shapes
i may end up replacing some of the textures im not in love with, but im terrible at making them
i also need to clean out the project files, lotta unused things in there