A screenshot of a game my company is working on

Since we have a variety of artists on this board, I wanted to know what you thought.

“Ow, my eyes.”

But I <3 nebula. :frowning:

The nebula isn’t the problem. <.<

It’s the contrast, I know.

I guess I could make it a little darker.

Algy, “the ship is hideous” is what he’s trying to say.

Which ship?

If it’s the big one, it’s wreckage and it’s on a slant.

It’s REALLY messy, it has a billion less colors than the BG, and the shading makes no sense.

And it’s outlined in black…


The only one outlined in black?

They’re both outlined in black. The small one just has anti-aliasing.

If you really don’t like it, I suppose we can redo it a bit… but it’s just part of the background.

Well first of all, you may want to sprite the ship in the position you are going to use it in, because the rotation only makes it look worse.

I didn’t sprite it, it was a friend of mine.

But yeah, the rotation is randomized. Every time it shows up in the backdrop (at randomly generated intervals) it assumes a new angle for variation’s sake. If it looks that bad, I guess I could change it.

If you ask me I don’t think it looks nearly as bad as they make it seem, but thats just me.

Tip: random high-contrast pixels make not a good sprite.

We’re working on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, from what I can see, the sprites are too cartoony for the background, and the wreckage looks more like termite swarms. Although, I agree with Dragon. When I first saw it I thought it looked good. >_>

which pixles are you talking about?

It really does look like the Enterprise…
But yeah, it just needs to be a bit darker, and yeah, sprite out each angle to be used, rotations don’t look good unless they are evenly turned.

The big ship is pillowed. Fix now please.