A sad Final fantasy 7 (spoilers)

I’m playing final fantasy 7 again for the third time and why did sephiroth had to kill Aeris. Sephiroth had to have a really good reason to kill her. What pissed me off so much she had to run off by herself. She was protecting something I think. I guess the to get games rating up that is why the story line kill her off. Some people for the first time will shed tears if they saw it :cry: . She could of been not killed if she was with Cloud. Just had to say this had the game for years since 1998 thats what I think I know if I had it.

Aerith had it comming to her. I’m glad Sephiroth killed her. Go Sephi!

Isn’t there already an “Official Final Fantasy” topic? Aeris’s death music was really sad. It’s kinda disappointing that you have to lose your best character. Did any of you actually bother to learn Great Gospel?
EDIT: Official Final Fantasy Topic. There ya go.