A Real Sprite

This is just for you to see…don’t even think about using it…It’s for my new Game “Metroid OverDrive” coming out soon…:smiley:…make sure to tell me what you think :smiley:

Nice and shiny…but I think the front of the head and the arm cannon are far too flat.

And is it Overdrive or Overload? (Either way, your captalization is wrong.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Pillow shaded as hell, but a nice and original suit design, a rarity I must applaud you for.

I was thinking it’s something along the lines of “hard-plastic Phazon suit”. :smiley:

That’s not a real sprite. THIS is a real sprite:

</bad joke>

Seriously, that’s pretty cool. Looks like the Phazon Suit, but still cool.

LOL…“real sprite”…that’s a good one…and omg, I put OverDrive" “OverLoad”…well, it’s “OverDrive”…lmao…and I already finished Samus’ character in GameMaker…I’ll have the Demo up shortly…:smiley:

Since this was your first, I’ll leave this one open and close the rest. Didn’t notice before how many you had :sweat: