A question about MZM

How many NRG tanks can you get befor fighting MB?

7 I think :neutral_face:

14 on easy and normal, 7 on hard.

There nine energy tank on easy and normal, six for hard.

Now I’m confused, is there 14 on easy or 9?

There are 14 but you get nine of them before you face the Mother Brain.

i killed mb with 5 energy tanks on hard, 9 on easy and 8 on normal.

Okay, but did you get out of the escape sequance alive?

How can you possibly die in the escape sequence? I thought the falling debris doesn’t hurt you, nor does falls, and anyone who’s that experienced with Metroid will go through the sequence no sweat.

dude the escape sequence on hard has ALOT less time limit… its terrible, i ALMOSt died on it.

…its easy man, just for the hell of it, i walljumped to the top…

walljumping is so awesome…

lol i cant wall jump that well >.>

so theres 14 tanks in the game on normal mode… so theres seven in each row (upper and lower row of energy tanks in the HUD)

i think ive gotten ten. :slight_smile: i just specifically remember the bottom row was full and three on top before MB.

yes, i did. it was easy, just keep jumping and know that the floor beneath u will collapse after 3 seconds. i had like 36 seconds left.

Meh the escape part is too easy. I beat mother brain with 3 energy tanks and it took me 35 times just to figure out all the moves. :smiley:>
In that time I only have 4 secs before the whole place blows up it made my heart pounding! :>_>:

Holy crap, your an really experienced bumper, you’ve already bumped this tread two times!

lol. well while the disgussion is alive somwhat…

i beat the MB with four energy tanks… i got 49% somehow its cause i got so many damn missile tanks. i skipped as many powerups as i could (almost) well i skipped charge beam, speed run, varia suit, screw attack. i should’ve skipped long beam and super missile (got two tanks) and much more misisles (i had 160 missiles, im going to try to get around 40 or 50. and ill try it with three energy tanks. even though i beat MB with like 89 health left.