A problem with my action replay

i just bought an action replay for my gba. it is the one that is compatible for both gba and ds. I tried entering new codes from gs central, but none of them work. the only codes available were for version 3 of the action replay. i dont know what version i have. can someone find me a site with working codes? Thanks!

Go to code junkies.com, they have ALL the official codes for Action Replay.

You know how AR and Game Shark works right? They mess with the variables in the game, so you can’t have ALL the codes.

codejunkies only lists the codes that come with the device and what i mean is, i enter the code exactly as it says and turn only the (M) and the code i just entered on to see if it works. i did this with around 7 and none of them work.

There are different versions of some games.