A problem that keeps creeping up...

Not everyone can make a decent fangame as their first game. We know this.

So why is it that some members decide that this means the user needs to go kill himself or should quit making games forever just because a five-minute GM job isn’t as good as someone else’s C++ game made after 3 years of programming school?

Not everyone is as good as you may consider yourself. Stop flaming people for illustrating this with their lack of skill.

This has been shown by several members lately, so don’t feel like I’m singling you out and get all defensive. Still, keep in mind that I will as of now deal with anyone who perpetrates this kind of behavior… severely.

And on a slightly unrelated note that doens’t warrant a new topic but I want to touch on:

This topic is for discussion of fangames, and discussion of the production of fangames. It is NOT a place to flame a series or a user for liking a series. If you don’t like, for instance, Star Fox, then don’t go into a Star Fox fangame topic and say so. Just leave it be.

I’ve only seen this happen twice, but it was severe as hell both times. Hmph.

Oh, and I’d also like to point out that this applies to everyone. No, mods are NOT exempt from this. So CFX, knock that shit off, and anyone else, report any such activity missed to myself or DF.

Dazzy out.


thank you