a nice GOOD BYE to the forum

I’m leaving this place becouse of the insults to my work a ton of cersing flaming and a ton of locked topics for no reason. I’m not losing or gaining a thing from this place I just might as well waste my time watching paint dry.

I realy hate when someone accuses me of staeling a sprite that I made when they can’t prove if I stole it

I think this place was more fun before mh made old dazzy admin

infact for those that might like to hear this is my warn is 80% for just being here I was told that I was banned from LLLIIIEEESSS

the thing I realy hate the most is when someone tells me those are the wrong colors or that is really wrong how would they know they don’t have one or how I want it it’s what they want for me

in fact if there was a top 10 list of the worst this would be #1

if you want to prove me go ahead

see you later

I would give you my AIM but you would only get blocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.
Have a nice time finding somewhere that teeming with spriters that will worship you and all your work without giving you any feedback saying how you can improve.

lets out an evil laugh

Edit: The sig isn’t really necessary, is it? I’m pretty sure name-calling is something 3-year-olds do.

What? You were banned. You admitted it. You begged to be readmitted. MH and I agreed to let you in, on the condition that a single transgression would get you banned.

You proceeded to post a very well made animation, immediately followed by utter shit. You had a history of problems already. Of course I’d get suspicious of theft.

When you post work, you get comments on it. You are not going to get inundated with bullshit compliments. First off, that won’t help you improve, second off, they’re useless posts. If that’s all you want in life–meaningless praise of crap, that is…

GET REAL, kid. If your work sucks, you’ll be told so and how to fix it. You will be told what’s wrong, and you are expected to fix it, not play the victim and pity whore and pull excuses out your ass.

This seems like just another desparate plea for attention, but I hope I’m wrong. I hope you really intend on leaving, because you aren’t coming back. Consider yourself rebanned, for good this time.

Goodbye. You won’t be missed.