A little quiz I made

Heres a little quiz I made. I dont really know why I made it…but…have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

question 1: What game had the first appearance of Samus in 3d?

question 2: In Metroid Prime, name all power ups

question 3: In Metroid Fusion, how many ice missles does it take to kill a space pirate X

question 4: how many energy tanks are there in Metroid Prime 2: echoes?

question 5: true or false- Metroids were created by the chozo

Good Luck! :astonished:

First off, this is easy. Second, I don’t exactly follow the Metroid story well.

  1. Erm, Metroid Prime? (I keep thinking it’s Super Metroid…)

  2. Missile Launcher, Morph Ball, Charge Beam, Morph Ball Bombs, Boost Ball, Space Jump, Varia Suit, Wave Beam, Super Missile, Thermal Visor, Spider Ball, Ice Beam, Gravity Suit, Power Bombs, Grapple Beam, X-Ray Visor, Phazon Suit and Phazon Beam, Plasma Beam. (Note: not in order and I know I missed one or two…)

  3. 5?

  4. 14

  5. From what I’ve read (by fans -_-) they were created by the Chozo, then bred…

Oh it’s easy is it. If it’s so easy then why did you get 3 of the 5 questions wrong? :confused:

Which three? 'Cause Metroid Prime is the first 3d metroid, there are 14 tanks in MP2 and metroids were created by chozo. So, that’s three right.

First off, if you read my question correctly, it says: what “game” had the first appearance of a 3d Samus. The correct answer is Super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars. Or Super Smash Brothers for N64

For all the power ups in the game, the guy forgot ice spreader, flamethrower, and wave buster.

The third one he got wrong was the one with space pirate X. It takes 3 ice missles to kill a single pirate in fusion

There you go.

And Metroids were not created by the Chozo. Metroids evovled naturally, as can be seen in Fusion.

Chozo created Metroids :confused: Thats kinda weird because if you put the facts together when you’re playing Fusion you can tell that Metroids were actually created by Chozo :wink:

Just 'cause Metroids were created by Chozo doesn’t mean they can’t evolve naturally. As for the question, d’oh. :angry:

And just because they evolve naturally doesnt mean that they werent created by Chozo. That was the whole question :wink:

That’s exactly what I said. :whack:

in super mario rpg as far as I now it isnt Samus,it’s a doll :unamused:

and super smash bros is a 2D game with 3D graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

so yes its metroid prime :smiley:

That doesn’t change the fact that Samus, in super smash bros. was a 3d polygon. And, no, it wasn’t a doll for Samus in mario rpg. Who told you that?

Actually, Daz, you should probably lock this thread, because I already gave out the “correct” answers.

The chozo made metroids and metroid ZERO MISSION showed samus in almost 3d. Well it had SAE in it on cut scenes.
:metroid: :metroid: :metroid: :metroid: :metroid:

SMRPG did have the real Samus, she was in bed in one of the inns. Still not 3D, though. SSB may have been a 2D game, but it had 3D graphics, so it’s the first 3D appearence. And the chozo created the metroids, they did NOT evolve naturally. This has been stated in no less than three games.

Now then, locking this at your request.