A little challange

the finished images:



I thought that I could be fun to train some more dithering.
This time you will use the old EGA palette.

16 colors (try to use all of them)
320x240px (try to use all the space)

This is my example. All 16 colors used.

And here is the palette.

PM me the image when you are done. I will upload it to my Photobucket account so no one will be able to “fix” the image after it is posted.

Well I guess I’ll be one of your more unlikely customers. I haven’t sprited for awhile, but if I need sprites for my game, I might as well start. I’ll see what I can cook up

Edit: Ok, I don’t have the right spriting tools on this computer at the moment, so I’ll have to pick up work later in the day.

Mkay. Cant pass up a learning oppurtunity. It’ll be ready by next tuesday.

I’ll try it.

I just put in my entry. And i must say, the dithering is spiffy. It just bothers me because one color takes 60% of the sprite. I’ll try again later. But should dithered colors alway be even, or are there exceptions??

Does the character have to look just like in the game(s), or can we redesign them a little? <_< >_>

if ur using the nes pallete, shouldnt u also make it 8 bit (just trying to jaz it up a little ^_^)

aanyway, i prolly wont get anywhere near this (as i suck badly at spriting >.>)

You can draw the characters just the way you want. Redesigning them could make them more interesting.

You will be making images. Not sprites. And the NES could handle 25 colors on 256x224px, so you are just working with the limitations of the NES when you are making your images.

And remember that this is not a contest. I want you to challange yourself to make an image where you have to work with limitations. It is something that could help you get better att making sprites and pixelart. Trust me, I know from my own experience. And I think it’s fun to work with limitations.


Yeah, that reminds me, i should finish up my entry.

I never got around to it, lol. I finished Mario’s hat…

Ok, I’ll go in the next one, I promise.

Meh, might do one more image before it’s over.

i really dont consider myself that talented, that, and i would prolly screw it up a huge assly if i entered the contest… so, im staying away for now…

i might enter…just wondering what to do…

OMG, im a metroid!!!

Didnt notice that. :metroid:

Oh, and you dont have to be exceptionally talented. This is great practice. Troid, who claimed to not be a spriter, shocked me with his mario.

ok…i might get to the metroid…

This is the finished images in the NES challange




good images, btw… especially like the head of that red monster thing…

Well I was going to create something (crappy) but yesterday when I was working on it my power went out for about an hour and I forgot about it. You (Butch) said something about another challenge?

Read the first post. :unamused:
This weeks challange is to design a label for a Nintendo 64 casette. It does’nt have to be a real game. Just anything you want. And you can only PM one image.