A game better than P2D

Alright, P2D dosen’t like my sprites.Therefore, I’m trying to make sometring better than P2D

i didnt understand a word? wtf? repeat urself.

Translation: “My sprites were turned down by P2D because they were not good enough. Therefore, to get revenge, I’m going to try to make a game better than P2D.”

Please, if your sprites get turned down by P2D, how do you expect to be able to program, MIDI, design, brainstorm, AND sprite an entirely different fangame by yourself? And why would you do that anyway? If you even manage to make something close to P2D’s level in years, how would it be revenge anyway? Just improve your spriting, geez.

“Better than P2D” isn’t exactly the best game idea, either. You need to decide on something, brainstorm what your game will be about and everything in it, and it needs to be out of inspiration and excitement, not anger and hate.

Sorry, but if you’re really that angry about your sprites being turned down, go rest. Or if you really want to even try to pull this off, go ahead and try. But it doesn’t have much potential.

And I want you to help me…

okay… so you were turned down by the team, and, to stab them up the ass, you go and start your own thing that will be “better” then p2d, but, you ask for their help at the same time as “stabbing them up the ass” wtf… i wish ppl would LEARN ENGLISH. god… it bugs me so much.

…goddamn it, put your parents crack back in the closet…

…and p2d (with all respect) i doubt will be the best game in the world, nor the best of 50 games in the world most likely, its just becoming a respectable metroid game.

also, there is NEVER any profit in revenge…

also, hairy, read the first line of mine, i believe it should explain everything…

HP, please stop telling everybody to learn English when your capitalization and punctuation isn’t exactly that great either.

SD, don’t accuse him of doing crack just because he wants revenge.

Well, if the ones speaking english as their native language cannot spell correctly, how are we supposed to do that? :confused:

By the way, english is a pretty easy language to learn. You should try to learn german or swedish. I have seen people that has lived here for over 30 years and still do not speak as good swedish as a three year old.

You simple have to respect that there are other world languages that people has to learn in school. English is not always the first choise. How many languages do you speak?

6, thanks.
In progress to learning the seventh.

What Troid said about there English, people have different ways of typing.

Goodluck, you need it. He sounds familiar like what Phazon Suit said about making his better than P2D, I don’t think there the same person but, I maybe just seeing a repeat that someone else done since he got booted out.

wow, which languages cfx?

also, if someone here posts something saying, ‘I am gonna make a game better than p2d because they turned me down’ shouldn’t this person be banned? It’s like having a rebellion or something <_<

I don’t understand how this got started in the first place… The first post has ONE spelling mistake. I’d have a harder time reading the post criticizing his spelling.
I hope to have learned four languages before ten years have passed.
If he thinks that he can make a game better than P2D with help from people in an P2D forum, let him try. I’d like to see him finish it before he’s thirty.

i actually now a few japanese words, and i was thinking about getting my parents to teach me it… also, i think french and german would be fun languages to learn, theres just no classes at my school that teach it… i guess i could get one of those language books.


  1. you’re annoying for making this thread
    2.stop whining i cant even make sprites very well, most of them are other ones i drew over
    3.do you plan on starting in the near future or is this just taking up thread space?

Why would he be banned for that? It’s like putting someone in prison for saying: “You thought my spelling was bad, so now I’m gonna beat you up in Metroid Prime Hunters!”.

You know Prime 2D has been around for years thanks to their determination. If you look back at the old fangames which one was actually made into a real game? Unless you count that modded-1945 “Descend to Planet Zebes” by Zachtroid an actual game you will see that the chance of a game started on the P2D is next to 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
Demos are the closest I’ve ever seen to a game.




this topic is dead, i doubt he’ll be able to pull it off.

yeah, its been awhile, i think its dead too, is it?

oh yes. it’s dead,and it was a bound failure to even launch a demo