A confusing riddle

Hey guys, I know a lot of you like to solve riddles (especially with the mafia games and what not), so here’s one for you guys that is really bugging me:

It’s part of a series of passworded .rar files, so the solution should resemble a password of some kind. The only other information I have on this is that it is a file called gnp.png, so the reverse could have a hidden meaning. Thank you all for any help on this.

I’m sure this is some thing from a challenge you are taking. If it’s a challenge, why are you asking for help? If not:


I wouldn’t ask for help if it was a challenge, and the password isn’t two. I already explained it, and just so you can believe me here is it’s origin:


It’s near the end, by the way, at pages five and six.

I never said the password is “2.” It’s a clue. <____<

Oh, okay then.

EDIT: Nevermind, the password was found. The equation could be converted into a set of coordinates, which applied on Google Earth gives this image, and the password to the next part. Thanks for replying anyways.

That was… obvious and easy. >_>

(though I’m angry that I just spent a whole minute getting there in Google Maps only to scroll down and find that it was solved already. A whole minute! >:O)

wtf? i can see this topic is only for smart people…

Not… really. That’s pretty basic Algebra.

Can someone explain plz :confused: :confused: :confused: my brain hurts

Read that. <_<

Ok got it :slight_smile: it is actually pretty easy. :astonished:

Yeah. If I knew how to read coordinates that probably would have been much easier for me.

so they’re coordinates? :neutral_face:

Yes it has been said more than 4 times :angry: :imp: .

so how the hell is that a riddle?