9/11 Cover up

Well, I thought that the american members here would like to watch this.
You probably already know all of this, but it could be fun to watch anyway…

Watch here

I’ve decided to forgo all of it. Conspiracy? Maybe. Deliberate attack? Maybe. But really, I don’t care. What’s done is done, and we have more things to worry about now. That’s not to say that we should forget it all together, but get real, things can (and will) get alot worse.

And my short message to others: Don’t watch the movie 9/11 if you haven’t already. It’s just capitalizing on the loss. I can remember that event without buying “priceless memorabilia for $50.00” or wacthing “moving movies”.

Oh god, not this again. -_-

It’s such an injustice to all those involved. Why can’t you people just accept that bad shit happens? It’s not always because “OMG CORRUPT GOVERNMENT HAS THINGS TO HIDE”. Shit happens. Deal with it.

You wanna be in denial, well, that’s your choice, but it’s escapist bullshit, and you know it.

Oh, havent watched the Video yet (no sound on school computers), but sounds like it’s about some kind of conspiracy. The government is corrupt, we already know that, but sometimes it has to be to protect the people. I dont know the details of the video, but i do know that 9/11 is over, and it’s a little late to complain about it.

…that is the most crazy thing i have heard…and thing is…its not new either.

which is more likely?

lol, as corrupt at things are, it isn’t that much going out of its way.

Corrupt my ass. As much as people love to bitch about it, fact is we have one of the best governments in the world.

Could it be better? Certainly. But no one’s willing to sacrifice what it takes to perfect the system, and even without those perfections, it’s unquestionably better than at least 70% of the rest of the world, and at least equal to most of the rest.

Meh…im already farmiliar with it, but it doesnt phase me at all. Our government has to do that kinda shit to protect the people. And other things it does to protect itself (which is arguably more important, because a government that people have lost faith in, is a government without power). I think we should get over it, and hope the dumbasses on top dont make another big mistake like this.

We??? Daz, i thought you were from England. Your definetly right about our government. It is corrupt, but not compared to my home country (which is probably in the top 5 poorest countries on earth).

England? Th’fug did you get that idea O_o

Nope, California born 'n raised, baby. Bwahaha.

Just out of curiosity though, what country do you refer to?

California?? Wow, so i’ve been wrong all this time. Nice place though, have cousins there.

I was born in Sierra leone. The diamonds place (if that’s a hint). There was civil war there, so my parents move here when i was like 6 months. I went back last summer though, so i know what it’s like. And it’s not a very nice place anymore. So technically im African (as in the real africans), but i’ve been raised here (U.S) my whole life.

whaaaa where in california are you dazuro?(sorry to contribute to a topic change but i really want to know)(( i live in california. ))

Uh, no offense, but are you daft man? Who in their right mind would give away their location online?

Um, maybe if you’re uber-paranoid, but cities don’t help at all unless you live in a tiny hickville where everyone knows everyone. xD Hell, there’s gotta be at least a hundred thou, maybe a million or so here.

Of course, it’s entirely off topic, so I won’t answer anyway. Owned.

everyone knows osoma bin laden did those 9/11 things.

… yeah kingmetroid. everyone knows that… so why did you say it?

and thats fine then, i wasnt going to stalk you down or anything. >_>

That wasnt the point of the movie.

The point was the evidence that we should have been watching. It’s not easy to stop a plane from crashing into a building when it wants to, but you can stop known terrorists from getting into the country. And for those we dont know about, airport security is designed to handle. It just wasnt enough though.