3DS Max

Anyone use it? I’m poking around with 2011, just bought a book.

… a 1400 page book.

Why buy a book? I’ve never used books to learn stuff like that before. Even in our java class where reading the book was mandatory I didn’t need it.

I tried to learn 3DS Max back in 1999. And back then i partied like it was 1999 so I didn’t learn anything. :frowning:

Because everything else has failed to help so far. Haha.

This is the only thing I have yet to learn from messing around with it.

Yeah… I always just learn new things by messing around with them. Unfortunately this can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Messing with Max = do not work. Too many buttons.

Zurgs right. I’m actually gonna learn from my friend who took a college course on it. So, I should learn a decent amount.

Following the books instructions, I animated a dinosaur.

… yeah.

Ha ha! :smiley:
Looking forward to see the results in a few months. :smiley:

They teach Maya at the university I’ve applied to. From what I’ve read it is harder to learn than 3D Studio MAX. :frowning:

What the heck is a 3ds max?

I’m assuming that it’s a 3d graphics program.
I originally thought it was a type of 3ds, but that went away with the mention of maya an the ‘anyone using it?’.
Probably capable of animation, too.

Let me help you with that.

Thank you!

That would be funny if they came out with a new 3DS model called “3ds max” Then this topic would get confusing!

Good thing 3DS Max is probably trademarked, so that will never happen.

It’s trademarked.