3D Zebes

Has anyone seen the jungles of Brinstar, the area of Norfair and the water world of Maridia on 3D?


…OF COURSE NOT! the game was made in 2d… how the hell would we get a 3d version unless someone decides to make it?

i think he asked if we “imagined” these places, and if this is the question, OF COURSE WE HAVE, i even made a metroid RPG for 3D&D…

oooh… World of Metcraft… instead of World of Warcraft, of course =P

Where is this Metroid RPG for 3D&D… thing, kesvalk-x? By the way, I am a WOMAN!

in my head? i made it from scratch if is that the you are asking, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, it’s not sooo dificult if you ask me, and i am making another for 4D&T now, gonna play with my RPG group someday ^^

PS: sorry to call you “he” then ^^’

Did you see the movie last night? Three Terran Wraiths came out of no where and blasted all these zerglings. But all of the sudden, Scourges came! But right before they self detonated into the Wraiths, Master Chief comes out of nowhere and destroys them! But wait, Samus comes out with missiles and kills Master Chief! Then some idiot nukes them all and everyone loses!

and? this have something to do with the topic? because we are talking about how would be zebes 3d Oo, i dind’t get it

Okay, that’s creepy. I remember reading this exact topic ages ago, complete with those exact same first three responses. Is this some kind of joke remake or just the most ridiculous deja vu ever? >_>;

In any case, seeing as Metroid Prime was basically SM in 3D anyway for quite a few scenes…

Plus Super Smash Bros Melee had several parts of Zebes in 3D, at least background-wise. :E

Kesvalk: I think he was making some sort of snide comment about dreams being completely personal to oneself, but I’m not really sure what that has to do with a topic that appears to be about personal imagination anyway.

psst… I think they’re on to me…
And to the original poster, HOW EXACTLY are we suppose to see it in 3D?

Don’t forget SSB on 64 as weel. But it’s not jungle Brinsar on ANY Smash Bros. Come to think about it, Magmoor Caverns did look like Norfair. The othe areas are not like Zebes, with the exception of some parts of Phazon Mines kind of look like Crateria.

i am more concerned about the “samus kill master chief” thing…

kinda remember me of a topic that need to remain nameless…

Lol, I feel the same way as Daz. I’ve heard it all somewhere.

Anyway, speaking of metroid 3d, I downloaded the Halo mod. They lost progress, but the beams are still pretty sweet.

I remember playing that mod on custom edition! They didn’t release actual settings but w/e. It would be nice if someone could create 3D versions. Anyone up for the challenge?

Whadya mean by the challenge >_> creating Original Metroid in Prime form?

all this started with someone asking if we, someday, had imagined the enviroments of Zebes in 3D? aren’t we a little astray of the topic?

PS?: where is this mod, i want to play it!

PS?: i wrote astray the correct way? (i meant when some one go off of the direction), sorry for the bad english ^^’

We did not veer of the topic. She asked if anyone SAW it in 3D. She did not say IMAGINED. No need to remind us that you’re foreign to the English language.

and i presume you are a smart ass?

i presumed that is what she wanted to ask, as Zebes was never made in 3D…


…and that is what caused the confusion in the first place. So technically, all answers are off-topic, as you cannot “see” without it being “there”.