3D Studio Max?

… keep short and simple…
Ok bought a book on programming 3D games with Blitz3D (because I know Blitz Basic). Then I looked at the software required. It included 3ds Max. I know it was expensive, but I thought it would be like Flash/Adobe expensive (around $300) but then, I went to the AutoDesk website (maker of 3ds Max) and cried my heart out: it was 3.6 GRAND! Now I’m in a bad situation… I want to make 3D games, but the book covers something I can’t and won’t pay for (and it is for Teens!). Do I use:

A.) AutoDesk Maya
1 Grand but seeing how stuff like this is so expensive might as well cough it up
B.) MilkShape 3D
.020 Grand but seeing how it covers games from like 1998 - 2000 I doubt it will be useful after tomorrow.
C.) Cough up the 3.6k
Yea after like 3 years of hustl… I mean lawn mowing I MIGHT get halfway but I really don’t want to wait until college.
D.) Use whatever you guys suggest
My parents are willing to pay partial (as in half) of the price so around $300 or $100 will be the ticket.

So what do you guys think?

there are free 3D Modeling programs out there that can export 3ds files if you can use them. Anim8or is one. plus you got to be a student and acadenic super store sells 3d studio max 8 for $650 provided you can prove your a student. link=http://www.academicsuperstore.com/market/m…egory_id=255475

aslo try finding 3ds max 6 or 7, they will be cheap by now.

Lol I thought it was college students that were considered “students”. Thanks for the link but how do you show your ID or report card? Fax it?

somehow, student Id, report card, you find out!