3D-level to 2D

Ever since I’ve read about “Prime 2D” I got curious, cause I have always loved 2D-jump’n’runs, especially Metroid and alike.
But when I read about converting 3D levels, I was wondering what you do about depth. I mean, in MP you can just transform into a morphball and roll nearer or further and in a 2D-game you can’t.
Maybe you could take the view from above and turn it into side view (I hope, you understand me, so far). Then it would be similar to Metroid2, where you can roll into a spider-ball and reach glitches in a “ceiling” of a cave.

What do you think? Or have you arleady made up a plan on how to get this done?

Uh, no offense buddy but they’ve been there and done that. They know what’s going in and what isn’t. They know how they’re putting the game together. It’s in good hands, so don’t fret about it.

Hopefully this will prevent an annoyed mod who has answered this question 50 billion times from coming in… >_>

im sensing a dazzy “…” lock alert!

not that dazzys annoying or anything :wink:

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Ok, I assume this should be locked, correct?

This game has been in the works for years. Maybe sometime in there somebody already thought about the fact that there’s a difference in dimensions, especially when it’s kind of the point of the game. <_<

how are you going to do things that REQUIRE 3D enviorments?im not 100% sure about MP,but MP2 done in 2D is physically impossible.

If you had checked the site while the resources section was up, they clearly have a good idea of how it’ll work. And it’s not impossible, it just requires improvisation.

Also, thye’re not going to do Echoes 2D. :confused:

I was using it as an example…

YOU GOT TO BE JOKING!!! :imp: prime 2d thats the coolest thing on the pc AND FOR FREE TOO!!! its another great metroid prime just dont question it PLEASE! :angry:

please stop. you know what you’re doing.

Actually, I have to say I’m pretty sure he has no idea what he’s doing… literally.
I’ll let a mod fill him in, though.

Yes, I am sometimes glad I don’t have to deal with crap like this anymore <_<

And sometimes I envy that. >_>

Kid, that thar is what we dun call Necropostin’, and it do bein’ agains’ the rules n’ such, ah reckon.

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