3D in 2D

Ok, in case the title wasn’t clear enough, what I’m asking is: would it be possible/and or worth it to use 3D rendered backgrounds or even sprites in a 2D side or top scrolling game? I’m currently only good at a program called AC3D, and since the P2D team isn’t using sprites of this type, it kind of makes me wonder if they’re worth using at all. (I hope they are, seeing as how one of my fantasy fangames would rock if I used these models…)

I understand what you are talking about, You mean prerendered sprites. Prerendered means you took still frames of a 3d model and put them in a 2d game. The sprite looks 3d but its 2d. Look at donkey kong for snes (those are prerendered). Or you can get a 3d object and rotate to side view in the game and treat it like a 3d object in a 2d space (the x and y coordinates). It is very possible and pretty easy to do both! Look at the new super mario brothers for the DS that is coming out, it is exactly what you are talking about. I also made a game like this.

True, but I guess it depends on what you’re doing, right? I mean a Metroid game wouldn’t look like a Metroid game if it was a 3d Samus. That’s what pisses me off: I have an awsome idea for a Metroid fangame (not with Samus mind you) but it wouldn’t even look the same if I used my talent with AC3D. And there is my problem: I can’t make a fangame like this because I do not have the skills required. It really sucks… :confused:

BTW, does anyone know where I can find a reliable picture of that Galactic Federation Trooper Ship online?

Edit: Hey, you know? A 3D looking side scroller wouldn’t be too bad after all! I just looked at a promo in one of my old, OLD, gaming magazines. It looks kinda cool (despite the fact that it’s 1 1/2 inches big :stuck_out_tongue: ) Of course, the problem with that is that the entire game woulld have to look that way, and I don’t think people would buy the program just to help me :sweat:

hey, i tried it with a prime render…but nobody really liked it…i basicly tore the limbs off so the user can use creativity flow.

My theory is whatever works, but like I said, if one thing is rendered, the rest has to be too, otherwise the game looks horrible.

yeah it would look horrible if ONLY samus was rendered.

Wait a second, I was just reading Prime’s topic and I read that he used a render, and Daz said that he would “explode the color limit.” Holy crap, there’s a limit!? :O_O:

um… none that im aware of…

You’re starting to sound as if you think graphics make up entire games. They don’t. As long as you have a good engine and great gameplay, you’ll be fine. Graphics (and sounds) are just the… frosting on the cake (because I can’t come up with a better analogy right now).

As for the color limit, it’s usually limited by the program you’re using or by your computer. GM can support up to 32-bit, which should be plenty.

Hmm, 32 bit. I’m starting progress on a claymation with GM. My main concern is that to see how detailed a clay or 3d sprite is, you’d have to make the sprite kind of big, and if you’re planning for a really big game, all those big sprites could make the game run pretty slowly.

Of course they’d have to be bigger to show off their detail, but think about it: if you have absolutely NO skills in making sprites using photoshop, MS Paint, etc. and you had a 3d model, even from a distance, wouldn’t the model be the better choice? I know they wouldn’t show everything, but the way the model moves (because of its 3 dimensions) looks very different compared to a 2d model. For example: in MetroidHandler’s Samus sprite, (and in fact ALL Samus sprites to be precise) the chest does not move left and right as it would in real life. Why? Because there is only so much you can show in 2 dimensions. Now take a jogging man and look at him jog ONLY from one side. I think it would look more articulate in its movement, would it not?

(Sorry if that offends you in any way MH :frowning: )

I think that you can use “prerendered” sprites in a metroid game if it flows well with the background and tileset. Your game would be new and should not be hindered by the limitations of the older games unless you what it to be that particuler style.

Personally, I’m making a metroid game with sprites, tiles, and backgrounds in 3d
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