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Do you have red/blue “3D glasses”?

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Well, BGNG messaged me a few days ago with an image… (Not giving his one, but here’s mine: http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/4152/weeqe7.jpg )
This image is comprised of a red-only color channel (image 1) for the left eye to see and a blue-and-green color channel (image 2) for the right eye. This emulates a fairly common 3D effect if the left eye can only see red and the right eye cannot see red. I was just wondering how many people would be capable of seeing the 3D effects if a 3D game was designed to be viewed like this. If you have transparent red material and transparent blue material, you can attempt to use them as 3D glasses: the red lens is for the right eye.

(He also made a program that shows the effect quite well. I’ll consult him as to whether I can release that, but I doubt I can or will.)

He said I could release his program given that I provide the following information: No warranty is provided with this software. BGNG will not take responsibility for any damage the software may cause.

Here’s his program.

I need some 3d glassed :stuck_out_tongue:, i dont even have transparent red and blue stuff :stuck_out_tongue:. (Can I have my dollar back?)

but um…how many things are 3d glasses good for anyways…i mean…i had some at one time…they weren’t very useful…if you want fun serus, buy fireworks and find an antpile…its much more useful, lol.

Sweet! ok then! buys fireworks and blows off SM47’s hand =O! I didnt mean to! It was ur fault you exploited me to go with fireworks :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

crap…not…again…well…someone will end up waking up in a bathtub full of ice without a hand soon…

3-D effects are awesome. begins searching through large piles around his computer for his old 3-D glasses

Meanwhile, I’ve always been wondering… I once went to an IMAX theater to see a movie in 3-D, and the glasses they gave the audience weren’t the usual blue and red kind, but instead they both looked like clear, colorless plastic. The movie itself looked like normal 3-D images without the glasses, but with them it removed all the extra color and made the movie look perfectly normal color-wise. What kind of light would those glasses be removing then? It seemed a little weird.

Keep in mind that I’m slightly colorblind, though. It could’ve easily been light and pale red and green or something, and I was just unable to tell the difference between them.

continues searching for 3-D glasses

Edit: Btw, I got these glasses from some old 3-D pamphlet (the images inside were 3-D, too <_<;) from 10 years ago in a far-off state… And they’re the only ones I have. So I wouldn’t expect many people to have a pair unless they got them free somewhere like I did. And no, I haven’t found them yet…

Edit2: A game that used 3-D glasses like that (or like the IMAX ones) would be great. It would take some advanced programming and stuff, but the graphics would be great simply because of the fact that they’re in 3-D. Hopefully it would use those IMAX glasses instead of the red/blue ones, otherwise people would have to take breaks frequently.

I have also went to an IMAX theatre in halifax with these glasses. They are quite cool and no extra colours show.

IMAX uses polarized light. Turn the lens one way, you’ll see one image: turn it the other way, and you’ll see the other image. The left lens is rotated 90 degrees in relation to the right lens.

You cannot make a computer game with polarized light like that without special equipment, which probably does exist, but I’ve never seen it.

Programming a game like that takes hardly any additional coding. BGNG made that program and told me that it’s just two views of the same image, with a OpenGL color filter and a simple BitBlt Or.

…why would someone make a game like that?..it would become a headache.

Yes, I’ve tried with the Spy Kids 3D glasses, and started to get a headache

…yeah…i think some of the only good kids stuff is older stuff (tom and jerry)…sorry, back on topic…

someone said they could do it with a dll on forums somewhere, but i didn’t really look at it, i doubt it though, his stuff didn’t even make sense.

By any chance, was that book about a haunted mansion?


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