3d desktop

go to www.3dna.net to transform your stuid 2d desktop to an amazing wakl around desktot. whats that? what about wall paper and themes? well you can get those too!!! will i ever see my 2d desktop again? YES!!! it is 100% toggleable so yuo can have the best of both worlds. trust me it ROCKS!!

Yo, check out linux, just type in ubuntu effects into youtube.
Damn my stupid disk drive, INSTALL LINUX, DAMN YOU!

Huh? What? something about a desktop, a website and 3D is what I got out of that, besides typos and 1337 speak. IF you are the type of person that searches the keyboard and “pecks” at the keys, please look at the screen sometime just to make sure you spelled everything correctly. If you type normally, please do a spellcheck sometime while writing. I can’t understand a thing you said. :angry:

Small print:
Eats up all your computer resources, is completely useless, assuming you actually use windows (which cover up your desktop, surprise) is the same as a 2D desktop, assuming it doesn’t move, and if it does, then it’s extremely distracting to the eyes, and gives you a very very limited selection. Also note that the novelty will wear off after about 5 seconds.

5? Have you tried it, it’s nowhere near that good!