3 Mario-related minigames.

That I made using Game Maker 6.

Controls and what to do are explained in-game.

My first minigame:
Kamek vs. Boo
Cannon Splash
My latest game:

Download links at the bottom. :slight_smile:

Enjoy and post highscores.

172 on the first one, and the other two aren’t that great. The Yoshi one is glitchy as hell, either that or really badly designed… But you’re not supposed to be able to drag and drop the yoshis, are you? The first one gets a 10/10, though. Really fun for such a simple idea =D

I got 253 on the first one, 1800 on the second one, and 121 on the third one.

Actually, Tim, you are supposed to be able to drag and drop the Yoshis. Did you read the controls? >_>

Yes, you are supposed to drag the yoshis.

And Troid, you’re better at my own games than I am. :frowning:

Oh >_>
Er, yes, of course I read the controls! You gave me a file with faulty controls! It is all your fault. frantically tries for a high score
OH I GET IT NOW :slight_smile:
Like 47 or something was my score.

I just realized I uploaded the Yoshicraft version with the tornado.
Because it does nothing I’ll fix that.

Timaster, what did you think you were supposed to do?

I have no idea. >_>

263 on the first one.

Goes to beat Troid’s other scores

EDIT: Heheh, 2000 on the second one. :stuck_out_tongue:

162 on first.


6 on second. >_>;

I actually rather like YoshiCraft, but Kamek vs. Boo or whatever woulda been better if I hadn’t expected more of it–I expected a DDR-type input. <_<; For what it was, not bad, but meh. Needs a BIT more sophistication, I think. Maybe a way to make him retreat and gain just a little more time…

Edit: …

YoshiCraft goes Matrix-style if you use a hammer and then lightly tap >_>

Cannon Splash… makes no sense to me. I can’t find any rhyme or reason for when he will or will not pick up a bomb besides possibly just shit collision detection. :\

I guess I could make the box used to indicate weather or not Mario can pick up a bomb red or something, I’ll update with what I mean.

Okay I updated Cannon Splash.

More comments please.

WOO 2100 points for fishies =3