2 questions

at ceres, what does it mean when you get ridley to drom the metroid hatckling before he leaves?

and who is the person that near the eye door before Kraid?

I need you to retype your first question but the guy before kraid is fake kraid.

no, they person im talking about has that grey suit on and hes lying down against a wall right before you enter Kraids room.

and in the space station when i was fighting Ridley i shot him enough that i got him to drop the metroid then he went after it, grabed it then flew away… what does that mean?

No idea and it meant nothing.

ive never played this game… ive said that at least 4 f…ing times!

… then why post?

Good question.

i dont know, actually

ooooook… does anyone know the answers to these questions?

It doesn’t mean a thing. There are two ways to end the fight: either you damage Ridley to the point that he does what you witnessed, or your health gets below 29 and he just leaves (out of pity?). This has no impact on the rest of the game whatsoever; if you’re attempting a speedrun, though, bear in mind the latter way is much faster.

As for the grey suit person, looks like it’s only some kind of Federation Soldier or something. Just some random schmuck, at any rate, so I wouldn’t say he’s dramatically important to the storyline.

ok, because those were the two things that confused me

he just…leaves?

who are you talking about

he was talking about ridkey

Pyro, Metroidmaster, Magmoormaster.

You three are spamming a LOT in this topic and a few others. Cut it out.

Now, as for the question.

The guy before Kraid is indeed a GF trooper, as seen in Echoes. And it doesn’t matter at all how you end the Ridley battle. If he drops it he just picks it back up and flies away anyway.

but in mp 2 all the gf… oh wait that was bravo squad

What, you really thought they sent EVERY trooper they had to Aether? They have a lot of manpower. They govern the whole galaxy, after all…

for a second i did…