2 and a half years

I can’t beilive it…It’s been that long and it’s still here…

Although, I can’t really see that much has happened.

How are you guy’s?

good. you?

i joined later then you left i think, so i have no idea who you are o.O

I joined the SCU forums 15 days before you joined here and still have no clue who you are. But since you have such a stereotypical I-don’t-do-anything-worth-recognizing-me-for fanperson name, I don’t suppose it really makes much difference. No offense, of course. (I’ve been trying to sleep for nearly two hours, so don’t mind if I’m a lot more than a bit…appalling.)


lol im good how r u
o rly dats cool


i red once dat topix liek dis r agant teh rulz

but i dunno

cuz i nvr red da rulz, just liek u

hoep no 1 lockz dis bcuz of it

Real mature, Daz.

no u


Lighten up a bit, man.