1 of the three energy things in Chozo Ruins

This is one of the energy controller things found in Chozo Ruins in the room just before the Furnace. (Forgot what it was called) (It’s the one where you have to ‘solve the puzzle’ with the bomb slots fast enough)

I think I did better on this one (I hope :neutral_face: :confused:) because I actually had time and I did some shading. (The green walls are just there to show where each part goes and acts as a temporary wall: The light blue pad on the side is the morph ball bomb slot).

its ok, altho its much better than what i could do. i can’t sprite for my life. so good job!

To tell you the truth, it needs work…try to do more shading…I can barely tell what that is…:smiley:…shading…:smiley:…hehe

No, the shading is great, but the style and position are off.

WhatEver…I can’t really tell what it is, that’s all…:smiley: