072's Artstuffs

Meh, why not.

The only recent work I’ve actually done would be my Wolverine/Hulk. Original Penciling:


I did color it, but per request I’m going to redo it.

'sall for now.

EDIT: List of everything so far in this topic: (Aug 5)

Wolverine/Hulk Colored: http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/5268/wolviehulk2re1js.jpg

Colossus/Kitty Pencil:

Astonshing X-team Pencil:

Kitty/Lockheed Pencil:

Scarlet Witch Pencil:

WeaponX Pencil:

Wolverine Sprites:

Sentinel Sprite:

Brotherhood Color:

Ultimates Pencil:

Storm/Thor Pencil:

Cyclops and Phoneix Color:

Storm and Sentinel Pencil:

Dark Phoenix Pencil:

Whore. XD

I love the Wolverine. Great pose, accurate as far as I can remember, well contoured…

But the Hulk’s face looks really, really crappy for some reason. Looks like he’s trying to imitate a horse with that mouth of his. And the arm muscle lines are pretty confusing in places…

Nice shading all around though.

XD Too true. I’m gonna’ have to fix that. <_<



The red of his wounds is too vibrant. Looks kinda crappy. Awesome job otherwise.

I agree, but a desaturated red looks very strange, and doesn’t look like any form of blood at all.

The cuts don’t look deep enough, I think you should have more blood dripping.


Violence to Romance, Photoshop to Pencil, but still Marvel. :smiley:

I’m very happy about this one, although Collossus’ proportions are slightly messed up. I had a very fun time drawing this for some reason.

You’re good.

(First pic)
I like Wolverine, but his right leg feels strange. Maybe it’s too small.
Hulk is a monster, and if you have followed the series, then you would know that he have had at least three different looks. Yours is one of the better. You choose a difficult pose for the head, but it works. It could have been done better, but there’s no need to fix it since he is a monster and should’nt look like a human.

(Second pic)
You should always follow the rules when you draw the human body. When the anatomy is right, you can start to make those gigant muscles.
The heads need some fixing, they look flat. Try to make them more three dimensional with darker shadows. The paper is white so there is no need for highlightnings.

I use to make my pencildrawings with ink, and I try to only draw the shadows. It gives a nice contrast, like in your first image.

But that’s just some minor fixing. Like I said before; You’re good. :smiley:>

Dude, you’re good!

Except Colossus’s hair is over to the right a bit. It looks funny :laughing:

I wish I could draw… :cry:

Thanks for the compliments guys! :smiley:

Tim, I think if you practice enough, you’ll become better at drawing. I’ve become a better artist in the last year than I ever had in my entire life, and I think practice to to blame. Studying other people’s techniques helps as well.

As for the hair thing, you are correct. :laughing: I originally wanted him to be looking perfectly forward, but I couldn’t set his boundaries because of Kitty’s hand. <__< Thus accidently making his chin too wide. The best thing I could do was add to his hairline, but I couldn’t fix the shading on his hair. =P

The trouble is, I haven’t got the patience to practice… That’s why you don’t see my own sprite thread; I can’t take enough time out of my oh-so-busy ( :unamused: ) schedule to draw sprites.

I think practicing for a year is a pretty big accomplishment in itself :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s too bad, patience is what art’s all about. :stuck_out_tongue:

All you really need is about a few hours of free time every week.


More X-Men stuff from me. Quite in fact, most of the stuff you’ll see from me will be X-Men, or at least something Marvel. Any requests in that area are more than welcome.

very nice drawing, I’m not expert on X-Men do cyclops’ right should muscle seens deflated, or at least not symmetrical with his other shoulder muscle (cant remember the medical name for it) and it looks to me like someone punched a giant for lack of a better term bent in his chest, is it suppost to be like that?

The light comes from behind and to the left, so yeah.

Realistic Kitty+Lockheed:


I’m not entirely happy with her body, but I am still very proud of this.

Anyway, my Ultimate X-men collection came in the mail today, so expect more X from me, after I finish it. :smiley:

its called pecteralis major

btw 072, looking good exept for, as he said, the chest not being symetrical.

That’s a very good drawing… except for the proportions in her. If you moved her eyes to be more symmetrical, better lined up, closer to the nose, and gave her a less manly shaped body, it’d be perfect :wink:

Those things kinda kill it, though. I definitely like your other drawings more. :astonished:

I don’t actually, but I see your points.

Requests are still open.


My first Scarlet Witch drawing, which took longer than I could have ever expected. <_< Critique welcome.

Her bra flows into her skin…
Which is hot, but looks weird.

I really like that drawing, though! I think it might be the best of the ones you’ve put up so far :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, though, her little circlet is off center just like colossus’s hair was >_>
That’s the most serious flaw I can find :wink:

Actually, I just looked a bit more, and I noticed that her ankle… the one that you can see, it’s bent backwards at an unnatural angle. It’s kinda gross :laughing:

She doesn’t have a “bra”, it’s a one-peice thing. XD <_<

The skin she has showing is only her legs, face, neck and upper chest. =P

And that isn’t actually her ankle, it’s a ruffle in her boots, which makes it look like a backwards bent ankle. >_<

Glad you like it though. :smiley: