007 GE 2D

007 Goldeneye 2D!!!

I’m not gonna bother making a forum unless people get interested, because my other fangame had no replies and i already had a forum…

heres a list of sprites:

Character Sprites
-General Ourumov
-Baron Samedi
-Russian Soldier(Facility Guard)
-Russian Infantry(Silo Guard)
-Russian Commandant(The Guards with DD44’s that look like the Silo guards with general hats)
-Janus Marine(Train Guard)
-Naval Officer(Frigate Hostage)
-Civilian 1
-Civilian 2
-Civilian 3
-Civilian 4
-Siberian Guard 1(Black Archive Guard)
-Siberian Guard 2(Dam Guard)
-Arctic Commando(Bunker 2 Guard)
-Siberian Special Forces(Surface Guard)
-Jungle Commando
-Janus Special Forces(Cradle Guard)
-Moonraker Elite(Aztec Guard)

-KF7 Soviet
-D5K Deutsche(I think thats how its spelt)
-D5K Deutsche(Silenced)
-Assault Rifle AR33
-RCP-90(Best Gun)
-Shot Gun
-Sniper Rifle
-Golden Gun
-Silver PP7
-Golden PP7
-Moonraker Laser
-Watch Laser
-Grenade Launcher
-Rocket Launcher
-Hand Grenades
-Timed Mine
-Remote Mine
-Proximity Mine

-Wooden Crate
-Wooden Table
-Metal Crate
-Metal Table
-Small Terminal
-Big Terminal
-Wall Monitor
-Dam Truck
-Oil Barrel
-Slide Gate
-Push Gate
-Gas Barrel
-Gas Tank
-Air Plane
-Key(Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
-Ammo Box(Green and Brown)
-Wall Turret
-Helicopter Model
-Moter Cycle Model
-Car Model
-Goldeneye Key
-Black Brief Case
-Key Card
-Circiut Board
-Cassette Tape
-Floppy Disk
-That wierd looking maching in Silo that has the blue glass on it.
-The missle shaped thing in Silo mission
-Bomb Diffuser
-Small Explosion
-Medium Explosion
-Large Explosion
-Small Smoke
-Medium Smoke
-Large Smoke
-Cieling Turret
-Drone Gun
-Small Terminal With Plastique
-Computer Monitor
-Key Board
-Security Camera
-Alarm Swich
-Body Armor
-Flight Recorder/Helicopter Black Box
-Car(Blue, green, red, brown, etc.)
-Casualty List
-Clip Board
-007 Goldeneye Movie(The movie case. LOL)
-Goldeneye Operations Manual
-Blue Prints
-The trains Break Units
-The trains hatch(where you escape through before the train blows up)
-Wall Terminal
-Control mission, Computer desk and Wall Monitor
-Rocket Ship
-Golden Gun Ammo

If I am missing anything please notify me. This game will be in a helicopter view like final fantasy games.

Don’t copy RE42D. It will be in that same view and is in 2D. But it would be pretty cool.

I didnt copy RE42D :sweat: . i choose that view because thst the best way for shoot games. why did you assume i was copying your game? I think the only challenge for me is making the stages, what i mean is the ground, walls, and other stuff thats acts as terrain. And the fact that so far i’m by myself.

Is who makes a 2d replica really a big deal? =/

But anyways, mind giving more details, rather than a list of sprites? What positions are open? How much work is done? Any mock ups? What program is it being made in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes making a 2D replica is a big deal for some people.It’s being made with GM(game maker) and I havent even started on it. positions that are open. pritty much all of them. I’ll make a list.

-map design
-music and sound

and thats all for now i think.