Zelda gameplay

which do you perfer

  • Clasic style
  • New style eg: oot
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soo which do you all prefer i personally prefer OOT style

what are you talking about dude?

wadia mean? :confused: do you prefer gameplay from say: OOT or from LTTP

LTTP is Twinlight princess?

if you are talking about the 3D games of zelda then i prefer OOT and Majora’s

but in the 2D no one can beat Minish Cap

no LTTP is Link to the fucking past

ahhhh, my bad…

i think 3D is a jump in term of gameplay, but the 2D zelda games is as good as the 3D ones…

PS: if you are on, then go give merry christmas in my post in general discusion later okay? XD