x-mas list

what do you want for x-mas?

I’ll have my list up later well part of it :smiley:

I hope whatever up put that you get one or more of those things!!! :smiley:

Mostly money. Maybe some GC games :smiley:

Castlevania Curse of Darkness, and a plane trip to Chicago. >_>

Dazz, you do know Chicogo was the home of
an infamious child killer by the name of Gacy…
That place creaps me out. shudders

I only want a new Graphics card andstuff to make my PC and gaming experience better.

Anvil Studio’s Pro-Mix plug-in
A new microphone
Animal Crossing: Wild World (for DS)

…Yeah, I’m a nerd.

A new graphics card (for Half Life 2, of course)

Half Life 2


Age of Emperors 3

A life

I’ll take money. Money is always good, but not for Xbox 360. EEWW

i want zelda twilight princess… ok it was canceled for the x-mas but i still can get the money and wait eating a dead bird with all my family

The way you said ‘Dead Bird’ disgusted me. Strangley!

On topic: Hopefully im going to get a new computer, but my money is on I wont :frowning: .

I might get some random games. :smiley:

a few cases of paintballs, a car stock for my tippy, castlevania c.o.d., a set of strings for my guitar. thats all i can think of now…

i want a ds
halo triple pack
xbox games
mp pinball
a calander
ad i dont know what else

I think a DS and Metroid Prime pinball as well money.
And I whish nintendo stop delay Metroid Prime Hunters.

They’ve delayed it to add the Wi-Fi feature to the game :smiley:

What is this feature WI-FI

its some wierd online wireless thing that can only be used in places that have some thing that lets it work… someone else should explain it not me.

WI-FI is a wireless internet connection, basically. It would allow you to hook up

DS’s with other players over a home modem(maybe), hot spot (maybe), or directly.

Maybe not home modem and hot spot, though… imagine the 56k-ers.

hahaha dead bird… thats exactly what it is haha

i want…


ehem. Shadow the hedgehog,
a pet metroid,:metroid:

and some coal to sell.

Yes TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD!!! is a great present.

And so is a Pet Metroid <which would actually obtain world domination. :smiley:

2 Presents in 1!

yes, but the metroid would eventually try to kill you, which would suck.alot