I get a ds then I put in metroid2… WTF!!! Why only gba games work on the ds?

Because Nintendo doesn’t want you to play GB games you already have, it wants you to buy brand new games and make them more profit. Thats why the DS only works with DS and GBA games.

Because they didn’t feel like adding yet another processor just for the gb games.

Well, you see, that’s why you read the instruction manual…

If you get a GBA flash cart and put the GBC rom on it, it should play just fine.

Nintendo sucks for cutting GB/GBC suppourt in DS, forcing us to keep our SP’s X_X.

The DS can’t suport GB© games? Forget Bill Gates! :storms Nintendo with torches and pitchforxes:

Whenever I buy anything I never read the instructions, but a flash card is a good Idea.

Are the flash cards worth it? Never had one before.

I dunno, I’ve never tried one.

Because technically the DS isn’t a gameboy. Just be lucky it plays GBA games.

Phazon Samus is right! I remember now! Nintendo said in some random press conference that the DS was not a Game Boy and that they would continue to make more Game Boys and games.

Well that`s dumb. :cry:

Yes, they’re eraseable, rewriteable, and hold sometimes up to 512mb of roms (256=best buy). It’s an awesome tool, and it works on GBA/DS. Just get a GBA flash cart and boom you’re set.

I’ve realy been thinking of buying one, how much do they cost?

There was a special going round: 89 bucks for both the flash card thing and the cart itself. It’s called X-ROM if you want to look into it. The site I got it from since went down for some reason.

:E OOOOOOOHHHHHHH. I need to save up some money. A lot.

Why bother? Use your GB(A/C) (SP).

Its a fake or if it isn’t well gb games don’t work on ds.

Why would it be a fake? Other members here have already confirmed it. Or at least no one has denied it…

They did not denied it yet because its a fake and they are hiding it from you or me I don’t care that much about it.