Why are there so many penguin avatars on SCU?

why on the scu forums almost everybody has a penguin with a lightsaber, guns and stuff? :confused: ? Its really funny but i dont know what it is…

Almost everybody is definetly an overstatement. Only Daz and Edthedestroyer i’ve seen. Personally, i wonder myself, and i’d like to pic one up.

maybe they made them…gasp!

Its called the penguin mafia.some dude made some penguins with lightsabers,plus he does customs,and you can use the empty one to make your own

Mine is the bestest. <_>

But, yeah, it’s the Penguin Mafia. Custom penguin avatars + “Penguins!” location are the only requisites, and… I have no idea why we’re doing it, it’s just fun. =D

Accually I think mine is the best :smiley:>

is that a scythe? and whats the scu forums?

under fan forums

Wow. Im gonna pimp a penguin.

btw, where do i get a blank penguin template?

It’s at the botton of the Mafia topic.

where do you get the costumes?

Google, MS Paint skills, Photoshop, photographs… you name it. I ripped mine out of the game and put them on the penguin. Most people don’t have that kind of luxury though. >_>

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…Not here too :frowning:
I dunno, I just don’t see the fun of it, it’s getting really annoying at SCU :sweat:

Maybe I should set a warning for everyone with a penguin avatar :angry:
(I’m not actually gonna do that, don’t worry)

Im In! :metroid:

lol thats cool…people are gonna complain and some will embrace it

Instant flame war? Penguins vs. normal people? (lol, jk) I was tempted to make a DooM penguin, but stopped when I realized how ridiculous it was.

It’s awsome because it’s rediculus. That’s why you should do it.

Damnit, peer pressure! Must… fight… it! LOSING BADLY! lol

Ok, I’ll make it, but I won’t use it as an avatar >_>

ya heres mine…its anime themed…except the arm cannon and scythe…

its sorta a mess…anyone who can guess which anime series’ stuff i got on the penguin…well i just plain res[ect you more than anyone else on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea what it’s from. I don’t watch anime anyway, so how would I know?

Behold, the “official” DooM Guy of the Penguin Mafia:

I don’t know. Should I add the pants and boots?